5 tips from manygoodtips.com for those who decided to buy an electric guitar

Lifestyle dreamed of every student at the time, this, of course, something from the category of sex and rock-n-roll, not an office job and a mortgage. But what we grow up that turns out to realize in life and what isn’t. But growing up does not mean to become a jerk who doesn’t want to turn their dreams into reality, and only laments the fact that the world is changing, and he does not have time to change with it. Sadness is evil, especially when it comes to good guitar music. And to learn how to play cool guitar, don’t have to go to music school or to be a natural talent. The guitar, if at the Amateur level, is quite easy to learn a musical instrument. Moreover, we know hundreds of brilliant self-taught, which has left its mark in guitar history. It’s never too late to start playing the guitar, man.

So you have everything from the start went like clockwork, and you grew up with Jimi Hendrix or, at worst, to johnny cash, we’ve written this useful guide. He will dispel some of the misconceptions about buying your first guitar and will give you tested on your own skin tips.

The acoustics in the furnace

Look at this old guitar you been squeaking on. I bet you saw it in a shop and bought it simply because it is already worn out.

So, you incorrectly understood. Muddy waters invented electricity.

– Crossroads –Acoustic guitar is certainly fun and cool, and a good choice for those who want to play flamenco. But you’re not for that are going to spend their money, right? Many guitar teachers advise their students to start with an acoustic guitar, and nylon strings. In fact, as it seems, they just want to make fun of their students, or to pass on your bitter experience. The sound of nylon strings we dream in nightmares, so you can buy just the guitar, and when the time comes, you can even take ukulele.

Acoustics are, frankly, pretty boring in my sonic palette. It should play those who have seen a lot of shit in my life. But if you are doing this, just a couple of months of guitar lessons will turn into routine and you will learn nothing. With electric, there is a huge range of sounds, pedals, processors, techniques, is, in the end, a lot of really cool musicians like Jack white or johnny 5, which can for something to inspire. You have a world.

Brands are not an empty sound

The perfect first electric guitar needs to be of high quality. But quality comes at a price, however, this does not mean that you should overpay for them. For example, a Fender So-Cal Custom Stratocaster worth the money. First, it’s a fucking Fender Stratocaster! Second, rare and collectible. The sound of the divine.

In the guitar world traditional. Rarely that you see a new player on the market that will make the coolest equipment. So to newcomers, and unknown brands occurred with great caution. You can give them a chance, but not when you get your first music equipment. Especially beware of high-sounding titles, usually they are renowned for poor music industry that marketing want to replace a good sound.

We also recommend you to read about the history of guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson. For them, man, history, and many brilliant musicians.

Shop with confidence

In conventional stores is often unreasonably high prices on music equipment. Besides, you can never be sure that purchased guitar is not a Chinese fake, and consultants will not mind to sell any damaged, defective tool, especially if you’re quite green in this matter. So, if you want to buy in the city store, take-versed in guitar hardware person. Let them test and see. But, in our opinion, it is much better to find shops which spetsializiruyutsya on guitars from the USA and Japan, and South Korea. There are always good build quality.

By the way, never be afraid to buy b/y guitar. Empirically revealed that it is better to purchase such from South Korea than new, made in China. And some musicians, and Jack white among them, believe that the guitar eventually gets better and absorbs the history of its owners. Guitars, like wine, gets better when it will take some time. However, you should always know what the storage conditions were in tool.

Associated equipment

We like chic preamp from AMT Electronics, which named AMT SS-11B Modern. With it you can do a bunch of different things, sound palette allows you to play everything from the mighty funk and finishing with a spectacular psychedelic. It is also possible to mimic the music from the porn movies. In General, we often stick it in a guitar cord.Of course, you can take one guitar and a cord to connect to computer, install a special guitar vst processors, which thousands, and experiment with different virtual pedals of various manufacturers. Of course, it’s cool that progress has touched on this topic, but the tube sound has not been canceled, but the real pedal at the moment is many times higher than their virtual counterparts. So, if you’re going to buy a guitar, please get a decent amp and some good pedals. In your Arsenal should be the following pedals: wah wah pedal, overdrive pedal, distortion pedal and fuzz pedal. They should choose to your taste, but again, look where the effects play your favorite group. However, it is possible to pay for a guitar processor.

Do not spare money for strings

I’ll bet you somewhere there is a grandfather’s guitar, on which stand the strings of the Paleolithic era, all rusty and raspy. So, until such a horror to bring the strings is impossible. They do not become any age better, as it would be with guitars. Their quality and status directly affects the sound of the instrument.

It should be understood that the strings are a consumable item, which is subject to regular replacement due to aging due to mechanical action and corrosion due to contact with hands of the guitarist. A good musician who has 2-3 hours a day, usually flirts strings set for 2-3 weeks. An alternative embodiment of the coated strings, such as Elixir, can live up to 5 times longer, but they are much more expensive than usual.

Nowadays well-established strings of American manufacturing, for example, is known worldwide Ernie Ball and d’addario, as well as more exclusive, DR, Dean Markley or Rotosound British. The latter even offer extra 1st string in as a nice bonus if breaks in the game.

There are different «tricks» how to save strings in working condition as long as possible. Alternatively, it is possible to hear about boiling strings, but this method was popular in the deficit. In reality it is completely ineffective. Yes, you can remove plaque and dirt, but to restore the sound, simply boil the strings, you will fail. So just buy a new kit, enough of these dances with a tambourine! And remember (to paraphrase the words of our wise parents): always wash your hands before playing.

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