5 things you’ll be happy after a breakup

Serious breakup somehow affects your life. You will seldom meet a guy who very quietly took it. Girlfriends love to eat your problems, we prefer them to drink, well, all day to watch soap operas and play computer games. All of this doesn’t heal the pain that we cause separation. And operation of a Dwayne «the Rock» Johnson, who is the women with nothing. This, of course, not on fleeting attraction, but about a serious relationship that last for God knows how long. Maybe you now feel. And your friends or relatives told you, «Dude, stop whining. In the end, you’re going to feel better, move on!» And oddly enough, they are absolutely right.

We don’t want to entertain you. Just look at your breakup from a different angle: so many great opportunities opened, and to start a family, as it turned out, you still early. There are lots of advantages when you’re in the status of bachelor, especially one that has just become them. And here are the main ones.

No family prison in the future

Now you think you made a mistake, but the gap with the «beloved» has happened for a reason. You (or a friend) have decided that you are not right for each other now. If so, then there is no point in thinking about the institution of the family unit or the education of children. If the link does not work, but you are struggling to hold it artificially, then you have an unenviable future. Some people just can’t live together, and sometimes better in different ways, not to torture yourself. Only one life.

Rethinking life

When breaking up, feeling lonely like never before. This is the best time to think about yourself, your actions, your life. Time to do an inventory. Difficulties and obstacles in life provide opportunities for growth, but you will have to take all the difficulties and pass them. It’s hard, we know, but pass the stage of emotional exhaustion still have.

After a while you will begin to see benefits from all these gloomy, at first glance, the events. A great reason to redirect emotional energy in a constructive way to fulfill your dreams.


When you’re in a relationship, but you always satellite, which is necessary to keep in mind. You have to deny yourself, in some cases, a hobby to keep balance in the relationship. One way or another, but you go to some compromises that make you uncomfortable.

There is a positive side. Usually a friend can help at any time, and it seems to be a plus. However, we lose our independence. Even psychologically we begin to comprehend their actions, and «our». When a partner no, you have to re-learn independence. You finally make decisions that come from your perception of reality from your thoughts.

To be independent in all spheres of life is a priceless thing in today’s society. A feeling of complete independence will give you much more courage, you start to work out more personal comfort zone, which in turn opens you a lot of opportunities to explore the world and ourselves. Want to go to the other end of the world? Why not! Want to try yourself in cooking? So who will be against?

More communication

It is unlikely that after the breakup you want someone to talk to, but after a while you decide to move on. Here you are, and there is a door behind which a whole world, billions of people you never knew, billions of unique personalities, which is interesting just to talk. The city offers you plenty of opportunity to make new friends, important not to fall into the same trap and wait a bit. In the other you will become more social than before.


That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

– Friedrich Nietzsche –When you’re going through such an important and difficult event in life, you become stronger. You also begin to understand that situations that once seemed insurmountable, can be solved quite simply. There is the prospect of the future, there is the courage to do what you’ve afraid to even think about.

You will soon realize that after a breakup, life can become much better, much more interesting and brighter. But to know it you must transcend the pain and not beating myself up. The past, it is has the habit to forget. But ahead of you waiting for many more exciting events.

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