5 things you won’t regret the rest of your life

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2014_ArYxbbGoeXwBxThe fear of regret causes us to do many wonderful things. It reminds us that we need to enjoy every moment. But the same fear can make us choose stupid. He convinces us that we should revisit who we just broke up. It makes us content with little and score on our dreams and desires.

Listen to your heart, no matter how distant your dream, or how unrealistic your desires. Loyalty to your dreams brings a sense of freedom.

Fear is positive, it gives you the opportunity to take another step forward and challenge himself. However, fear can also carry and negativity, if you let doubt creep in, and this will complicate your life.

Here’s a few things prior to death should be spared:

1.Fall in love again and again

Yes, I certainly understand, that there were super-brutal dudes. But still! Whoever you are, you will not live without it. I mean those days when your heart stops and you become a stranger to his own feelings.

Looking back, it is almost impossible to regret love, no matter how difficult it was chosen. Love is personal. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the object of desire. Of course, you may wish for your sweetheart but you won’t like the floozy, which spent several passionate nights.

Every memory of past feelings, it seems magical.

So, why hold back? Allow yourself to slip, trip and fall in love.


We do not recommend that you forgive and forget something that could make you return to old habits and repeat unnecessary mistakes. But not to let go of resentments is bad for your health. Seriously. This not only displaces all your positive energy, but leaves less room for the good that is waiting for you in the present.

You can’t change people, the only thing you can control only yourself. It is difficult to see the real picture, when we hold grudges, and it makes the understanding of the other side almost impossible. Let go of all that accumulated in you for years.

3.Overvaluation itself

Your humble side even more cringe at this thought, but give them a chance.

You need to reevaluate themselves, to continue to move up. This is the most effective way to learn more about yourself and to challenge yourself. How else will you know what you’re really capable of?

There is no excuse to settle for less.

4.In touch with loved ones

We understand that you have a very tight schedule to keep in touch with friends and family. However, is what differentiates the happy and not so happy people over time.

It is natural that the old relationships fade, but it’s those old ties requires maximum attention. They will support you when your world will crumble.

Learn to distinguish between family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and associates.

Those who are in company with your beloved more happy and contented life. Loneliness brings bitterness and regret, what we all want to avoid in old age. No one regrets the time they spent laughing with friends and family.

5.Your risk

Committing risky acts are the most scary and exciting moments of your life. If it was an offer hands and hearts or the parachute jump, the memories of these moments still make you start.

Fear can be so great that will freeze your senses and limit the ability to think.

Dreams become reality, fear and regret are replaced by the excitation of the offense.

Life is too short to live with regret. Now is the time to make changes in your life, do what you always wanted and focus on what really matters.

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