5 things you should know before you get a dog


Before you decide to get a dog, you should know that the dog is not a friend at any time to leave if you don’t like it. As Exupery said: «We are responsible for those who tamed», and the dog cannot say, «This is my apartment, so pack up your shit and get out». There are at least good reasons that could enable you so fucked up to do that. So think well before you decide on having the most loyal and loving creature in the world. You need to consider a lot of things, and here are the most important ones.

1. Housing problems

You enthusiastically choose their future friend, fooling around with him, with affection, watching him learn in a new place, and then was horrified to notice that awful cute creatures have teeth — sharp and greedy for your property, a bottomless bladder, claws, and strange for such a warm desire for vandalism. On the third day, when he finally gets used to sleeping with you, he begins to feel in your apartment, on your plate, in other words, the rightful owner.

When is an animal a guilty look in your eyes, cut pieces of linoleum, or the floor, when this stuff chrysal legs of chairs, tables, spines of books, when she jumps on the table where the fatal error has some food left, and starts to eat, twisting ass, and dropping the dishes from the table, when from gallons of urine swells the laminate, when the snake instead of expensive canned food, for which you gave your stash, eats and carries throughout the apartment the trash when your socks turn into a favorite toy — then you know that perhaps hurry with the dog.


Not all dogs get to relieve themselves in a designated place or to convey the contents of the precious pink belly to the street. Especially when he is a puppy or after castration. And let’s not forget that he is young and foolish, and he needs to do something with exuberant energy, and the instincts of a predator. Remember yourself in childhood, you were this violent. In addition, against physiology not trample, and if you got yourself a Chewbacca, then be prepared for the fact that your apartment will turn into the hairy realm. Hair will show up even in unexpected, sometimes intimate places.

Then think about what will transform your apartment according to Feng Shui, with a new expensive repair, after the settlement of such a wonderful tenant. Honestly, it is better to have a beast to repair, at the same time will help to get rid of unwanted materials and things.

2. Nutrition

Your grandfather believes that the dog should eat everything, even the mud from the master’s table. Most dogs support the grandfather of all paws, for the grub master for some reason, always seem to be tastier, but it’s teeth only mongrels or particularly magical wolfhound. Most often purebred dog diet more capricious than your girlfriend in an ordinary grocery store. In her shameless eyes shows that she’s willing to eat anything (knowingly gnawed to diarrhea all the plums and drank coffee out of your mug until you got the phone), but then the problems begin: that a rash will appear, stomach aches, even some attack.

So the dog was happy and healthy, you need to pay more attention to her diet. Here come to the aid of expensive, but the quality of food.


The market is replete with variety, so it is advisable to choose the food, which in addition to meat-meal is used fresh, chilled meat, and it is desirable to have the IFS certificate (international certificate of food industry). He suggests that all products, which are preparing the feed, the standards of products used in human nutrition. That is your little brother will not eat horse cartilage and pus dead rats, and will eat better than you do. Something tells us that standing near the Windows and study the composition of each bundle you don’t, so pay attention to food Bosch. Looks very edible, and everything else, is one of the few feeds that slobbering, wool and perverse creation eats for a sweet soul and eats until the end.

3. Security issues


Eventually, you’ll reach that your dog will be to you anything more than the pupil. This relative and only friend, to whom not ashamed to appear naked. What do we do with those we love? We care about their safety.

Under security, you can understand a wide range of things, ranging from staying and walking with the dog, the animal went mad from boredom, and ending with a muzzle, a leash and avtogonochny and covers for transportation. Remember that first and foremost is an animal with its instincts, and if in his mind something peremknet, he with the grace of a racehorse will run for any reptile or drink something nasty, you love to spill all sorts of scoundrels. So dog safety is completely your responsibility and the gadgets that you have purchased. In the end, you bought it not for the fact that she picked up any infection, felt uncomfortable in the car.

4. Health problems

Even if you’re making a healthy animal, at any time, especially if the family has solid Champions and dad has more titles than Kim Jong-UN, it can get sick. It can be a cold, infection, the effects of poor nutrition or age-related health problems. So be prepared for the fact that you have to spend money on vet services. A routine visit to the vet, too, will never be superfluous, perhaps even necessary. Vaccinations should be done on time and at any age.

5. Problems unrealistic expectations


Here’s the thing: dog breeds — more than the stars in the sky, and to make the right choice of the breed is very simple. Let’s say I want to own the Terrier to a little ate a little crap and a lot of space is not occupied, and then begin to doubt that it is generally the dog. Or Vice versa, took a purebred dwarf — and he was culling and two times more of their relatives. Handsome written, thighs glisten, ears sticking out, a grin sensual and soulful, but alas, not the elite, and the sizes are a bit confusing together with the thoughts about how much you could earn for purebred puppies. Or you bought a large animal, but I forgot that his natural stupidity is stronger than your teaching abilities, and not yell, how not to train — this Scarecrow will still climb to kiss.

Not all dogs justifies initial expectations, but still the dog became the best pupil in the world, no matter how strange and absurd it was. And, unfortunately, the main thing to avoid disappointment — the stupid, hopeless and terrible grief, which occurs after his death. They have to bury, and who has ever faced a similar question about another four-legged family member is especially painful, because you love him as her own son, and through his death unbearable.

Still, it’s worth it

Kind of expensive fun and quite problematic. Have to feed, walk, put some money and lamenting about what pet to spend more money than on a loved one, and his winter suit for walking looks better than your stuff. A dog requires great responsibility and minimum stable surfaces in the house. But when this furball enjoys you every day, though you had come to rescue him from the clutches of a monster, falls to your knees, making company during a night working at the computer when he eats ice cream with you and ready at any moment to run for the owner to hell — in this moment you realize that all the money and hassle are worth it.

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