5 things you need to remember in moments of despair

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_7PwuCQicK1C29In moments of despair, when your mood is even worse than the humor of a 45-year-old cat-lady, son of a bitch-life’s trying to convince you that there is no escape and that is for the long haul. Actually it is not so, and there are 5 rules that distilled the problem like the smell of sweat charming young ladies. We have already mentioned, you need to remember when things are bad, and if these tips do not help, it will help hundred percent. Remember, if you drop dead is bad, read our magazine, we will help you and send, your depression is sure what. You love motivation, and we love to motivate.

1. All under your control

The most important point in this list – and a real, scary, absolutely true. Feel like partisans in captivity, or to jump for joy – you decide, and not the circumstances. Everything, even a fart uncontrollable. Maybe if it is absolutely bad to take a break, furlough, holiday, ecstasy and calm down?

Wait, wait, wait! When you ogolevets, no need to get depressed, like Max Payne or Joseph Gordon-Levitt in «500 days of summer». It is necessary, conversely, to think about how to get out. In a positive way, of course.

2. Pour tears, shoulder friends

Don’t underestimate the help of friends and relatives: there are times when you desperately need it unprofessional and therefore more useful psychological help from a friend-drinking buddy, mother or girlfriend. In that moment, when the monsters of the mind stocked with popcorn, took their seats and were waiting for the madness it was in the damn point, you really need someone who gives you a merciful bream or substitute bony shoulder as katsbarnea. He will remind you how beautiful you were, brilliant, smart. Just a mom joy, dad’s cross on a happy life. I’d ask you not to whine, you’re not Latin American pop singer.

3. The value of time

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_pTJC63s1pQWb9Time is a great value, blah blah blah… Time heals, blah blah blah… You already know this. But it is a little about it. In some cases, time can work against you. And we should think about this, because if apathy will be delayed, then you can safely replenish the friendly, the society is tired of life that wormed Kurt Cobain, Murat Nasyrov and businessman who went bankrupt in ‘ 98. So don’t hesitate and don’t lean too much on the phrase «time heals». Heal when you are at least a little control.

4. Technology to help

It so happens that the friends you nafig not needed, especially with their problems. They’re free to complain, to turn to you for support and you can’t. And that’s fine, this is a fairly common issue. Just go with it. Not the fact that they are bad friends, they just have the Outlook of «only Whining pathetic person, man you go be depressed will not.» Well, since no one to turn to, once the mother is far away, and the girls no, go to the Internet. He is now very much a substitute, including a psychologist. Our articles are read, dig around on forums, communicate in social networks. There are different popular now «fludilnya», which is taken to Express the problem and look at the comments under a layer of banter true tips. And I read what brings despair to stop doing such nonsense. You need support to escape, to squeeze out clots of festering boils called depression and you go into virtuality, read us.

5. Beer, girls and rock-n-roll

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_iUnM2hXwc1SXtDo not forget that even in the most difficult times no one can deprive you of a little joy, not all of which are expensive. Anyway, the evil bad demon with the face of Deputy Milonov is not closed you access to your favorite porn site and have not deleted your favorite game. Beer is still sold in a free access, favorite kebab is baked, favorite TV series can be found even in the VC, and you’re free to mock the name of Benedict Cumberbatch (pretty fun class). Small pleasures at this moment acquire a double force.

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