5 things you need to know, if you want to get as many women as possible

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In life bro, there is a period when you need to «work up». There’s nothing to do, maybe it’s society, maybe it’s the nature of this, and maybe… just bro need more freedom of choice.

In any case, you need to know a few things that will make you more competitive and help you get more women.

1. Women are more interested in having to hang with someone than guys

Dude, every single girl wants to have her seduced. Of course, there are girls who are willing to take the initiative, but even they prefer to be seduced. If you think that women get more pleasure from the fact that sending men in a certain direction than be offended, you’re wrong. What the girl want to seduce a masterful, terribly she likes, believe me. Of course, some hope for the continuation of the Banquet, but I think that they understand under what situations it to wait. In any case, you’re both single, which means you need the same thing, and it is difficult to falsify.

2. To understand what she wants, is as important as what you want

Usually at the first acquaintance, she begins to scan you. It focuses generally on emotions, so you need to make a good impression with pleasant emotions. So the best option is make her laugh and tell different and not very funny story. For girls it is very important that you had a good time, because with nice guys, they usually wish to stay a little longer.

Now try to understand what you want. Usually us guys it is enough, the girl was hot. We do not much wonder that she had the interest, education, dreams. We have quite enough sweet face. But when we get burned, we have new, sometimes strange items in the menu «the Perfect girl». For example, one of my friends after another disappointment began to pay attention to, can the girl to cook or not. Often he weeded out those girls who did not offer him food when he came to visit them. Strange, isn’t it? And all because man has not made a scheme of what he needed from the girl, not decided how he would normally check.

3. How to start the conversation

We had quite a lot of articles about this topic. But I recommend you this one. In this case it needs to be, dude. And sincere. Women, as we already told you, care more about emotions, so we need to begin with a sincere smile.

4. Try to read it

Often we are more keen on a dialogue with her than her own. But you have to understand, interesting we the girl at all, or not. Look at her face: suddenly she misses me, furtively looking around, suddenly her fingers discourage something at the bar. She almost never responds to your words, and answers the question without interest. But suddenly she genuinely laughs, gives you a chair to be closer, openly flirting, smiling… Keep up the spirit, dude. You do everything right. Well, show the girl you care about. Think this is hard? It is easy to understand.

5. Know their features and use them

When it comes to Dating girls, you need to understand that there are two ways. To take your Dating and social circle or take a risk to approach a brand new stranger. The first method is much easier because you already have something like a comfort zone. So the girls met the most bro.

To approach a strange woman is much more difficult, but do not need then to blush when you meet her in your circles. If you manage to establish a relationship with a stranger, know that you’re a real man you almost anything. And for this we need to understand how you look from the side and effectively use the features.

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