5 things you must understand before you become a man

Continuing a long tradition manygoodtips.com and you explain why to have junk between your legs and be a man is not the same thing.

I agree, currently, among men there is one unhealthy trend. Girlfriend we are often told about it, although they are themselves full of serious psychological problems. Some guys just don’t want to grow up. What is the reason – God knows. Probably with infantilism, which we already wrote.

In any case, we guys had so many options to grow as before. For this you need to look for adventure on his ass. Almost as much as it did Hemingway in his time. But many are not interested in adventures, instead they are limited to rather artificial substitutes. Many of us do everything possible to reduce the load on your life. Why don’t you want to grow. Video games, sports, serial Dating, devil-may-care attitude to work and the limitations of knowledge – all this testifies to the unhealthy trends among men who want to remain children longer than is customary.

But still, being a man, you have the opportunity to adjust my life, because it rests not only on instinct, automatic behaviors, but also on the choice of the mind and self-responsibility. To help you in this, we have compiled a small list of what characterizes the man and that you would be helpful. You can think of this addition to all our previous lists.

1. Women

In the middle East understood feminism in Russia, probably not. However, a grown man always paints what he assesses mental abilities of women as well as their own.

Of course, silly girls we meet on every corner, but full of stupid men, right? Besides, when did you first start to live with a friend, we immediately notice a problem in the relations between the sexes. This problem is half of the Comedy and the third cinema. Such a contrast to the perception of the world just distorts your judgement girlfriends (and Vice versa). But biologically, naturally, a woman there is no limit in the mental plane. So it is better to motivate a friend, and do not hang labels.

2. Byt – that’s your work

Personally, I love to cook something. Maybe because I better understand that I will be tasty and what is not. But we often hear voices that life is a purely female occupation. This may include cleaning, washing, shopping, cooking. As a rule, such an attitude to «everyday life» is inherent in the people who still do not understand what being a man is, among other things, means to be able to take care of themselves.

Understand independence very measure of the man. And it is immediately obvious: in external appearance, condition of the house, how it sits on you shirt. And, of course, from the lunch you took to work.

3. Learn

We recommend you to read Newspapers, but they should not be limited. The world must understand at least partially. Man, we sure should at least know something about the history of humanity, foreign and domestic policy, on new scientific developments about the economy and, of course, about the culture. Let the knowledge be not Einstein, but the ability to maintain a conversation on the above topics is always appreciated beyond the rave and alcohol companies.

4. Don’t be afraid to fight

Most tense situations can be solved by a good joke, or just a calm response. People still know how to agree with each other, even the most bloodthirsty. But there are times when you must fight. And to do the right thing, it is not enough just to stand up for yourself, you must understand the difference between these two situations. You have to act accordingly. If you have the opportunity to negotiate, then negotiate, if not, then you know how to resolve the conflict. Not every trip to the bar should end with a massacre, but sometimes necessary.

5. The worst of times

The lesson difficult to learn. If you easy work and the money will climb into your pockets, it is not a reason to spend them without looking. Success is know yourself ancient sages, sooner or later, may be replaced by a series of failures. And to make the whole thing smooth, you should apply to the life less consumer. Learn to preserve that which gives you peace. Otherwise your life at one point will start to fall apart in pieces, which will be nothing to glue.

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