5 things you don’t consider it a betrayal… unlike your girlfriend

zradaYou know how men and women are different. We all perceive from different angles, including treason. Especially treason. Girlfriends tend to perceive as a betrayal of everything — but the us is frankly baffling. How can you change when not even touched another mouth?

We pokumekali and came up with a great test. If you about something awkward to tell your girlfriend you’re no worse off its the most feel that here something not that. Hence, truth is treason. Of course, this is still not cheating, but here is another test. If the same thing will make your friend, you will be able to remain calm?

1. Flirt with strangers

What is the harm in the fact that in the supermarket to talk to a girl you never see? She laughs at your jokes, makes you a compliment, you never did anything wrong… yet. Come to your senses and come out of this store as soon as possible.

2. The sexual tension between you and a colleague

Doesn’t matter who’s the boss — nothing good comes out of ambiguous communication in the office will not work. And the longer you let it go, the higher the probability that one day you’d slip, and after the next corporate party will not be able to look into the eyes of her friend.

3. To hang out with his ex

You and your ex-girlfriend shared a lot of fond memories. You don’t love her anymore, but you still have to deal it. What’s wrong? Nothing but… It is not so. We can’t risk it: sex with the ex is often as dangerous to your real relationship.

4. Porn online watch

Not for the light not to let your girlfriend caught you without pants. In the literal sense. Of course, you don’t see any problems, because the room no one except you and pixel virgins. But the girl still hurt. Better button up your pants, shut your laptop and get ready to fight.

5. To go to a strip club

So, you naturally went there «for a laugh» or «could not go, because it was a bachelor party.» But if you are to see her covered in glitter and smelling of cheap perfume that your friend is not exactly off to you clothes for a long time.

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