5 things you didn’t know about pirates

Pirate — that’s who I wanted to be almost every boy in the era when aim to the shining helmet of the astronaut was not fashionable. Well, after the «Pirates of the Caribbean», through which every morning appeared Jackie sparrows.

To be a pirate cool, because you live on the ship, you have a sword, you live by plunder of the people. And eat rum. And sing songs constantly. But there are so many things we didn’t know about the era of piracy. And it is very interesting. Today we told you about it will tell, and you will understand how in some areas the pirates were ahead of their time.

1. The pirates had health insurance

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What is the best means of combating gangrene in XVI—XVII centuries? Clear, axe, a bucket of boiling tar and the cane that you want to eat teeth. What is pirates day? Or stuck on the mast, or swab the deck, or with a sword in hand to defend from the bandits from the neighboring ship. Dangerous, Yes? And scurvy, fever and other pleasures. If you think that pirate insurance is a couple of piastres for the lost eye, then you’re wrong.

The famous pirate Blackbeard, aka Henry Morgan first introduced the concept of «health insurance» when going to attack Panama with a team of two thousand people. Dude made a Charter, under which the pirate was supposed 600 reais for the loss of legs or arms, 1800 — for the loss of two legs, 200 pieces for one eye and 2000 in complete blindness. 2000 reals of our money, by the way, $153 000. They can walk and live in peace.

Also the crew members are able to take slaves in severe injury to or instead of money. We were told that the pirates had advanced in small, but not virtuous.

2. The pirates were same-sex marriages

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Hmm, dude. Here are the pirates. Well, if you consider that you swim in the ocean without the ability to go on land, everything is logical. Well, actually it wasn’t homosexuality always a pair (although too short), pirates of the Caribbean was called the Union matelots. In fact, it was the society of friends for easy separation of the bribe, the Board of heritage family in case of death of a partner or something similar. But sometimes they develop into a romantic relationship. However, the French government to Tortuga did a pretty good attempt to ward off pirates from sodomy: they hired pirates to 10 000 prostitutes. The pirates started to share a fun «sea wives» between their matelots, and all was calm.

3. The pirates were religious tolerance

Well, actually not so much tolerance, how much confidence that the money is the best God. The Golden age of piracy in XVI century, a time when the echoes of the Crusades has not yet died down. In the meantime, non-Christians in most civilized countries, could serve a large prison term.

Captain Simon Danziger, the inflow into the stronghold of the Ottoman Empire, Algeria, and as if nothing had happened asked the Turkish Sultan services for the construction of ships. Dutch Christian was appointed chief architect and engineer of shipbuilding. And he showed Muslims how to fight on ships. Another pirate, John ward, also taught the Turks the craftsmanship of naval warfare. Although this is not an example of tolerance, and an example of cooperation in spite of everything.

4. Equal opportunities for women

Bonnie and ReidBonnie and Reid

No matter what the chauvinists on the artificiality of the charges against women’s hard fate, the truth was that the fate of the women was unenviable. The maid, wife, prostitute — here is a simple set of classes that could choose a lady. In any case, it was someone’s property.

Piracy has given women equal opportunities. Weird, huh? Though when the pirate lives with a pirate, what else to expect?

Women pirates were missing. One of the most famous was probably ex-Chinese whore Prices Shea, who became the wife of the captain of the pirates ship. Rather, a whole fleet. And after her husband’s death, she seized power and ruled over 60,000 pirates on the sets of vehicles of different sizes. They say the lady was too tough.

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But the most famous pirate has an Irish girl Grace About malli, beginning with the command of 200 thugs and a vehicle, and ended a personal Corsair British Queen with a large fleet. The woman she was daring, he participated in the battles and through many of the scars had a very specific appearance.

The most famous duet piratok Anne Bonnie and Mary Reid. Bonnie was married to the captain of the ship, and Mary caught on Board by accident, disguised as a boy. Women became fast friends and quickly began to actively Rob and kill. Bonnie quickly put in place of Jack, the ship’s captain, having received the power in their hands. Both girls were too violent, and their raids I knew everything. Once Bonnie was summoned to a duel of her lover and killed him, for nefig. Piratok career ended pretty grimly. While the soldiers of the king took the ship to Board, the pirates fought with them on the deck along with Bonnie and Reid and Jack as a real man, holed up in the hold. When all three led to the scaffold, where they are destined to hang, Bonnie gently turned to her husband: «if you, my dear, fought like a man, we wouldn’t be hanging here like a dog.»

5. Democratic elections

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At that time, if you don’t have white skin and decent condition, about participation in the life of the country had no speech. But not when you’re a pirate. Each captain was chosen pirate meeting, which was attended by all the pirates ship or the island. Probably the chief virtue was considered more the number of tattoos with mermaids or more necks, rolled with bare hands.

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