5 things you didn’t know about condoms

a condom

Heavy fate was in the condom: the religious people (and before all the polls were religious) took up arms against him, because he is warned the pregnancy, because it is necessary to be fruitful and multiply! By the way, the law on protection of feelings of believers is accepted, and we did not intend to offend. But, thank God (oops, kalamburchik), sakularisierung, and to treat contraception in General and condoms especially the people became more tolerant. Unfortunately, this need was, without exaggeration, thousands of years.

For thousands of years! What about him hasn’t happened over the years. We have prepared for you a small selection of facts about the honored old man.

1. Cave paintings have depicted condoms

And the age of these petroglyphs is estimated at 15 000 years. Even in those days used condoms, but only what were the conditions of their use, we do not presume to assert. Three main versions are as follows: it was sort of a ritual, it was an attempt of birth control or sexually transmitted diseases.

All three versions are equally plausible. There is no reason to think that cavemen, who created cave paintings, did not know the connection between sex and pregnancy or sex and subsequent pain during urination.

2. Previously, condoms are sold only by prescription

At a later period, they were not available to everyone. In the text, Dating from 1824 year, is the recipe for making condoms from sheep intestines. It was a laborious process, and condoms can be used many times.

In the US there was a time when condoms was only available by prescription. For example, prescribed to married men so they could not catch STDs from prostitutes, but women who did not want to get pregnant, to write them could not.

3. The first mention of rubber condom dates back to 1855

During the excavations of Dudley castle in England, there were found fragments of a condom made from animal gut. It was assumed that their use is associated with an attempt to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases during the civil wars in England.

Subsequently, the spread of rubber condoms to soldiers became a common practice: less so the soldiers infected with sexually transmitted diseases. But, for example, during the First world war, American social hygiene Association argued that if you’re stupid enough to have sex on the war, then you deserve STDs. So many American soldiers brought from the war as a trophy and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, during the Second world war the Americans decided to catch up and even made propaganda films that the soldiers used condoms.

4. Condoms were sold in vending machines since 1928

The automatic sale of condoms in this year celebrates its 85th anniversary. In the US, condoms began to be sold in vending machines with Mickey mouse. And there were no religious wars: when the schools have condom dispensers, they decided that up to this point the children were not going to have sex, and now they this encourage. I don’t know.

5. Perhaps soon there will be invisible condoms

Previously, for the manufacture of condoms used leather, silk, velveteen rubber and thick as the fattest man in the world. The invisible condom — it’s just a dream your friend. That is, as «invisible» condom in gel form, salary form your friend at a certain temperature. A clinical trial of the invisible condom was conducted in the canadian province of Quebec. Then talk about the project is settled. All, we will not be liquid condom?

Frequency of condom use throughout the world are different: for example, in Japan they account for 80% of contraception, while in Somalia for the sale and purchase of condoms punished by flogging. Another interesting act: in 1997, published the results of research, according to which the rating of motivation to have sex, procreation is in last place. And with this may agree with each. And where in this case, without a condom, man?

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