5 things you better not say

things you'd better not proiznesti

Guys are predictable, it’s business as usual. On the other hand, there are the stamps, without which we could easily do without. To say these phrases are optional, they are no more than clichés that I’ve heard at least once in any social environment. All we talked about this stuff at least once, admit it and never say it.

1. In the gym

«I have not dragged/ran/played…»

Worthless disclaimer before negligible effect. We all sometimes start to fence an excuse to not feel so pathetic. How I want to answer such a question? To comfort the guy. He expects that you would say something like that and I agree not particularly zealous. And to hell with this social Protocol. I like to disarm these guys something like «I’ve been training for a year so they was ashamed of your lazy ass. Yes, with such manners, I’m everyone’s favorite.

2. Before going to the party

«I can’t watch no more vodka»

Look how graceful. «Fuck off you, simple commoners, I just got a cool «Fireball» cinnamon». I often notice is for guys who want to fill their own worth: they want to seem manly but really they captures the spirit from the spirits. This is the type carefully integramed their drinks, and then discards them with a bunch of pointless tags. Who uses the tags in instagram, a sucker! I want to be Mature? Then drink vodka and have power to nine get up for work.

3. During the party

«He really did it.»

If promoter sell to you for half price bottle of Absolut, you haven’t beaten the system. Some bro love to inform others that they know a guy» who can this and that. Such things make them feel like members of an elite club. If you casually call a bartender that pours you free shots («It really pours me free»), or one of the uncle of your father, which you interned («He really called me to this awesome company), I don’t care if me don’t get anything. Once the taxi driver turned off the meter when we are on the last few hundred meters stood in a traffic jam. When we left, my friend said, «He really did it!» Not cool, man.

4. After watching the game

«We kicked ass»

This applies not only to Bros, but indeed to any people who are not against to watch the game and then discuss it. WE didn’t do anything. Guys who were training all day, won the other dudes. Everything else looks shabby. You’re scratching the belly on the couch and drank beer until they were exhausted, to get the coveted big check. See the difference? Who exactly did you kick ass in this particular case?

5. In search of friends

«Would you hook up with her?»

Of course. Perhaps this task is not the first item on my list, but if she offers me, I will not hesitate to jump out of his pants. Of course, this is an interesting discussion, lit or not lit, but let’s look truth in the face. If you have to ask someone else about the girl that you are interested, you pay attention to it and almost guaranteed to remain with the nose. You know what I mean?

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