5 things which will help to reduce costs

In our days the car has become as much a part of everyday life as the smartphone. Despite the endless stream of cars in the cities and villages, I can not believe that our country is in some crisis. A car is an expensive toy, even if it is not a luxury but a means of transportation. It certainly makes life easier, but sometimes it need a lot of to pay. But if the head is gray matter and the desire to circumvent the difficulties, it is possible to significantly cut costs with these simple, but extremely useful autodevice.

1. Roof rails

When are you going to leave the city far away: the sea, mountains or nature, you may have a question about where to cram the precious equipment. The trunk can barely hold back the onslaught of rushing out of the bags with clothes and packages of food, and you, for a moment, go to the mountains to ride snowboards or bicycles. You can, of course, put them up, but then a six-hour journey home can seem unattractive.

For these purposes, and invented rails — the mounting on the roof of the car firmly we associate with SUVs, although they can be mounted even on a Daewoo Matiz. Most importantly, choose the perfect rails, so they do not spoil the look of the machine was started and allowed no problem to fix the mount for a bike or snowboard. Those who once were carrying heavy loads, or just moving from place to place, you know how useful item — you will not have to apply in any trucking. Some models are undoubtedly better with the roof rack — so they get some perfection and even solidity.

2. Roof box


And what if the roof rails installed, but things so much that they still don’t fit, and moreover, require delicate transport? Okay, you can do something to fix the tent, but the food, skewers, clothes, chairs? To do this is to buy a roof box is a beautiful tank that you can put anything.

It’s big, but not heavy, so fuel consumption is almost not affected. With Boxing you can do it at one time to move everything, so don’t have to waste petrol to return what does not fit the first time. But be careful: its very easy to open, if not to remove from the roof and carry out, so store in it the values is not necessary. And think about the place to store it prior to purchase.

3. Mudguards

Sometimes, driving in rainy weather, and in front of some bad people with no mudguards, and all the dirt from under its wheels along with taken away from Russian roads with rocks flying into your windshield and it is covered by a beautiful spiderweb of cracks. In fact, to prevent such excesses and was designed mudguards.

Without anywhere today, and that they were needed at the most inopportune moment to remind the policeman. But no need to cry that you don’t care about others — let go dirty. Don’t forget that thanks to the mud flaps and you will be cleaner, as dirt and stones hurt, and you yourself. In any case, the side of the machine is cleaner and more whole an average of 50%, which means that the car will not have to paint so often and washing the dirty side.

4. Sills, running boards, steps

Owners of SUVs, whose dimensions do not allow to play basketball, the familiar unpleasant process ascending to the salon. Cars have running boards, but they are not always convenient. So what prevents you to buy a new one? Because they not only facilitate the process of getting inside, but in principle make the machine more beautiful. And protect the sides of the car from various unpleasant collisions.

So if in heavy traffic someone is pushed to the side, then with a probability of 60% will suffer only the threshold.

By the way, among the owners of passenger cars, such running boards also began to enjoy popularity. However, they are increasingly using as a shield from scratches and dents on the car doors. Especially in dense traffic flow.

5. Lining on the grille, bumper and sills

So it turns out that on the outside the beauty of your steel horse is constantly encroaching nature, people and city. Yes, and you involuntarily scratch native means of transportation. Look at the worn shoes and bags sills — they look like they carefully washed emery. And on the bumper, lost an unequal battle with the flying stones from the road, hail, and temperature extremes, without tears will not look.

Instead of having to soon buy a new bumper or sills, it is better to use special pads for these car body parts. Then the operation and the external charm of the horse will last much longer.

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