5 things we overestimate yourself

Paradis.com.ua_27.02.2015_3z8FlpTQjijeWHave you ever seen a guy who no matter the smell? Or the person who dressed weird? You probably wondered why this man, no one said about its shortcomings, but even more you wondered why this man does not have about them the slightest.

We overestimate ourselves – most often always. This was and is our today’s article.

1. We are more chauvinists than we think

Of course, in our time, racism, sexism and other «isms» most don’t like. But not like it is often the words, in fact, some stereotypical thinking still remains. For example, one of my friends does not deny women in mind, said that he believes they can cope with any task, but the word «girly» for him is synonymous with everything bad, and from talking with him it becomes clear that he still thinks women are too dependent.

This trend also applies to racism. Not so long ago, Americans conducted an interesting experience. They scored a large number of people with different skin tone. During the conversation, one of the researchers suddenly fell silent, creating a very awkward pause. People belonging to one race, this pause is not very bothered, but people of different races have produced great excitement. A different experience a bit more interesting to people of different races showed a video where they took a blood from a vein, close-up showing how the needle slowly injected under the skin. Instruments recorded that people felt more compassion for members of his race, while people with a different skin color or less, or completely indifferent.

So we all kind of chauvinists. This should be proud – it’s bad. Although…

2. We think of ourselves as better than we really are

Now imagine that tomorrow is your good friend asks you for help. About material or physical. Of course, you think you can help him and give money. Now cut that amount in half – that’s the most that really can get your friend. If he did something to get it. You’re easy to convince yourself that you have loved ones who need more, and that you’re not able to help. And all because altruism is a moral good that makes us better in the eyes of other people, but we remain selfish.

We much more readily will encourage others to charity than ourselves to solve it.

3. We don’t know exactly how we are attractive

Often we overestimate ourselves. Very often. Rarely underestimate, considering fat and ugly, but that the results of the complexes, so it’s a bit not on our side.

Forget the cocky Tony Starks and other daffodils, it is all about people. Most likely, personally, you sure look much better than it really is. Science proves it too. Some crafty scientists did an interesting experiment. They took pictures of 11 subjects, and processed in photoshop. On some photos, the subjects have been slightly modified for the worse, others better, but one picture remained unchanged. They were then asked to find the same unchanged picture and photos, where they were changed in the worst and best sides. Do you think found themselves test subjects at least once in this photo? Answer: no, never! Here are the pies.

By the way, interesting phenomenon, but one out of four overweight people thinks he is absolutely normal, just big-boned, genetics…

4. We believe that our problems worse

Surely you have seen at least one interview with a celebrity. They are there for life, sometimes complaining, and you look at them and honestly don’t understand how anyone could consider such PROBLEMS. Here you have a real problem! The real problem, all around, just look in any social network, no problem: with a photo of smiling happy people with their cats and dogs. They have no problems! Oh, Woe is me!

We always believe our problems are the worst. If someone happened something similar (almost identical), we say he’s incompetent, that he can not understand what situation can easily get that experience is not necessary, but if we happen (PAH-PAH), we assume that it’s just disgusting and awful. And do not care that in Africa children are starving!

This happens most likely because the people around us so often complain about their lives, we don’t know about the rest of you actually. We think that their life is smooth, smooth as glass, almost no problems. But this is because in the modern world they are not made to share. We think that everything is fine and we are all bad. And this becomes even worse. Think about it!

5. We think that we have much more free will and a strong personality than in other

When you hear that once the stars started to have problems with drugs, you involuntarily think she’s just weak-willed fool. When your friend buys a very expensive car, and your friend’s wedding a huge amount of money, you twist at the temple: «I will not be such!» Researchers from the graduate school of management Kellogg believe that people always say when there is no temptation. When your friend gets drunk on beer, you’re shaking your head, but when you drink beer, then I think that you just want, and that’s it. The usual desire of the individual.

Researchers from this school believe that the more you talk about your will power, the greater the chance that you’re going to drink beer and eat one person whole pizza at the first opportunity, or that you’ll get yourself a very unnecessary gadget.

This happens because we tend to think that’s the key: «nick didn’t get the job – he is a wimp! Ira can’t lose weight – she has a weak will!» There is another side of the coin: «Pasha was promoted Pasha clever. And who am I? I’m good! And all I will be!»

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