5 things to do with feet

how to care for your feet

There’s this common myth that dudes have to be filthy feet. It is not always so, especially if they somehow care. Don’t panic, guys, you don’t have to soak your peasant feet in bath with pink petals — although it is nice if you do not prevaricate. You do not need to go to salons to get pedicures, although my girlfriend says it’s even better than the foot bath. I don’t want to believe it. You don’t have to go out and do something special — just pay attention to our five tips.

1. Have finally cut their nails

to cut nails

A long and terrible toenails is the worst that can be hidden under your socks. Somehow strange it turns out: you can handle a hammer, axe, knife, drill, chisel, pincers, and can even repair the engine, but the scissors are still not mastered. They are small with curved ends. You can select and special pliers with them, too, easy to do. Take the Bob off and — what?

2. Erase, good prossimi and noses clean socks


This is a very simple thing that men somehow often neglected. According to statistics, one of the most frequent reasons for kotorsv dudes go to the doctor is a fungal infection that is a fungus. All because of poor hygiene, damp shoes and sweat that encourage the growth of bacteria between the toes in dirty socks.

3. Choose shoes size

shoes size

Of course, dudes there is no need to wear shoes with high heels and they hurt my feet (unless you’re Paul Loops, that’s another story), but men’s shoes is narrow and small, can have a very thin sole, or hanging out on the leg. The best way to take care of the feet is to wear proper shoes. Appropriate — means the one that fits well, keeps pace, but doesn’t turn her into a pancake. You should also wear suitable to the occasion of shoes: on the bike is not to ride in flip-flops and sports shoes, and no shoes.

4. Time to remove blisters and calluses


If you love to wear the shoes (what kind of person you are?), you will inevitably bubbles and blisters. Men’s legs will be much less disgusting if the men begin to remove calluses and blisters on time and limp do not have to. A blister stick clean patch. Corn razmacima, sitting in a warm bath and rubbing them with a pumice stone. So, get in the tub, close the door and do this abominable thing.

5. Come on back fungus


If you started to wear clean socks, this is the first step to ensure not to hurt the fungus. Use antifungal sprays, lotions or talcum powder to one day find that you have unbearably itchy feet. For those prone to athlete’s foot topical sprays and talc and lotions are good for dry skin. If you’re scared your girlfriend acute and long toenails, just imagine her reaction to the fungus.

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