5 things to do before the end of the world


We, the editors love the Apocalypse. Or something like that. How else to explain our periodic posts about different devices on the end of the world and tricks for survival in the nuclear winters and the zombie invasion? Yes, we like the idea and we don’t mind to reflect on this.

Today’s text is somewhat different sense. What to do if tomorrow the world decides to end? Well, not tomorrow, but in the next six months. What we need to do, to die with a clear conscience. Or chronicity zombar with a light heart.

5. To make amends


If you do, man, religious, you probably believe that once you are waiting for the day of judgment, when you will be rewarded. When you all recall. Usually this is run by higher powers. I think the Bible had something about it, but I don’t know how to approach this question is to Vishnu and Buddha, well, okay, at your leisure, as some will be enlightened. In General, you probably want to save your soul.

If you’re not religious, this is a question you may not care, but look at what moment. Before this is all over, you might want to remember who were you offended. Furious. Who did not understand. You don’t want to change anything before you go to the hereafter? Understand: if humankind is not threatened with extinction, would you have done to raise money for a vacation in Dubai, paid the mortgage, I would look, I don’t know the movie waiting. But circumstances have changed, and will die soon. And someone else and thinking that you’re full of shit.

If the world is about to collapse, you better make peace with all. Have to swallow my big fat pride and apologize if you did something wrong. And you’re with someone was not very nice, even if not wanted. The people you ask for forgiveness, not necessarily shit and will not forgive you. They, too, will die soon, so they can afford to be nice. Well, who’s going to be an asshole. But if they are assholes, you probably don’t have to apologize: while he Kamenitsa, you will have a few new reasons to apologize, so the game is not worth the candle.

4. To try the rainbow


What we have is sexual freedom. Well, not in all countries, but many things with it pretty good. Any fetish, any toys, whatever suits — if only all the participants liked.

Unfortunately, in the XXI century is still full of idiots of all stripes. For example, those that can’t show on the map of Europe; believe that evolution is a controversial theory, or that it is possible to smear the oil directly on the sausage. Such idiots are also people with prejudices against any nationalities or religions. Once again, if you forgot, now is the XXI century!

If suddenly the world goes to hell, we have to crash into the meteorite, we will capture aliens and make the Ground in your supermarket, it would be nice to just enjoy the fact that we are all still here. The stresses and woes together. Stephen Hawking has already proved that racism can be avoided by just having sex with different people. So, no need to infect anything and be obsessed with the idea, just try once to have sex with someone who is different from you. The world, man. All over the world. If the end of the world, you understand my advice.

3. Stock

Nakamichi pennies

It seems that this is contrary to the perspective of the end of the world. But there is good reason why I suggest this: people are constantly predicting the Apocalypse. Still he was never caught, so we can inflate again. Even if nothing happens, you’re still going to win, so that stocks — in any case, VIN-VIN.

If you die all of all, no one will care what you eat and how much porn have seen. But if it’s not the Apocalypse, when all die, and the case in which on the planet is a bunch of people who establish their existence? Then you’re prepared! People will do business with you. People and super mutants. Or you will become a target for raiders. By the way, for that matter, make sure you weapons are also stock. And not just machetes and pistols (although they are cool), but also explosives, for example. It makes things somehow easier.

2. Afford pleasure


You know these people: they work like a squirrel in a wheel, tired like dogs to save up money to buy a condo for in what does not deny, but in the end — just deny yourself the opportunity to relax. They painted my life in twenty years and your whole life going once the planned course. But Hello, we’re all doomed, and you can relax!

Plan for tomorrow — good thing (until you plan tomorrow). And now is the time to allow yourself the pleasure and live life to the fullest while you can. We constantly have to restrict yourself to the pleasure, to deprive yourself of pleasant things, because we know: it is impossible to live my life as a hedonist, constantly tipsy, eating chicken wings, looking at the dancing strippers and the like. Because on Monday at work because someone will call the police, because the hangover sucks. At least it used to be. Now it’s the Apocalypse and no need to work. Have fun!

1. To be what we always wanted


If you’re like me, your life is a little more than fully consists of hype and inflated expectations that rest on a Foundation of despair. And through all these charms looms the very real me. I like to think that most people live that way, to a greater or lesser extent. To be safe, you share only part of their feelings, desires, motives, and desires. And only part implemented. You’re afraid of rejection and protect the most expensive.

In life there are such cases when people understand that it’s going to die, and it changes their own perception of themselves and the world in General. What if we all knew about this? Would be left at all what’s the point of simulation? In the constant curb? Imagine that — at least one day to live in a world where no one is afraid to be themselves, to say what usually remains unsaid. Of course, there are the strange types that for some unknown reason, my dream is to become a donkey, but most people have a much more sane life and desire.

We live in fear of ourselves and to someone else’s reaction to us — and this is the biggest tragedy. We believe, we doubt there’s a lot we don’t know and it leads us to frustration, misunderstanding, even hatred. And all this not only on personal but also on larger scale. How would the world be like if nobody was afraid to tell people what he thinks about them? Including good: how they are kind, witty, intelligent, sexy. How would your personal world, if you say such things? If you appreciate not only friends (expressing it very rarely, and even less words), but also acquaintances and even strangers.

Of course, the prospect of the near death of the entire population of the planet somehow could bring humanity to this touching utopia, and not to the General depression. Judge for yourself: a smashed egg omelet Muti, bummed a lemon — make lemonade from shit can be molded into any candy. Sometimes very decent.

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