5 things that should definitely be in your car

So you bought your first car, or maybe you gave it to parents. The fact remains: you have a car, which means you are lucky and you finally can safely enjoy the lack of traffic and beautiful roads. However, we will not scoff. Without a car now life is not easy, although it requires a certain approach. I hope you know how to maintain their four-wheel purchase, and your driver’s license – a product of careful training. Let’s be optimistic and let’s get right to the point.

I recently got involved in a story when the lack of a spare in the car of one resulted in calling a tow truck and transfer trip. From this no one is protected, but this garbage could have been avoided. It is strange that many guys completely forgotten about fairly simple things that have to be in the car. manygoodtips.com kind and good, so we give you these tips, our dear car owner. Be more responsible, man. Nobody likes Oblomov, believe me!

1. Spare wheel

Let’s start with the most troubling. Hell yeah, need a spare anyway! Of course, that’s not always the machine dimensions allow to carry a spare wheel, but it is better to make room, especially if we are talking about long distances, or moving between cities. In a pinch I can use the emergency wheel. It has a smaller diameter increases the braking distance and change handling for the worse, but such a device will allow you to travel to the service.

2. First aid kit

Banal, it would seem that the thing that is not all. Generally it is strange, because the traffic police checks. The absence of first aid kits, frankly, a common manifestation of blunt carelessness, which can seriously regret later. On the roads can sometimes be different, and the accident you see every day. In the PDD described all that you have to be in the car first aid kit, and if you have health problems, need more medication, of course, must always be to yourself. You never know what will happen around the corner.

3. A fire extinguisher

If you think a fire extinguisher in your trunk – extra weight, welcome to the house for «scorched»! Machine, if you do not know, friend, has a habit of crashing into other cars and your gas, it is not strange, tend to the fire. Even this chain of logic should be enough for you to understand the importance of buying normal fire extinguisher. Don’t skimp on the size of the fire extinguisher, because this thing probably can still save your life.

4. Charger for battery

An indispensable thing, which many people underestimate. And in vain, because car batteries have a habit of «die» at the most inopportune moment. Can help fairly compact thing – start-charger Bosch, which has a clear functionality and an affordable price. The main reason for the purchase the desire to keep your battery longer, because the drive or nedoskazany with the discharged battery leads to disastrous consequences. Besides, we always like to do everything ourselves, and start-charger helps in this. You just connect it to the battery terminals and do their thing. Sit in the car, easy turn – and go! A help to anything. If we talk about the technical side of the question, the working voltage of this device is 6 V and 12 V, cable length 1.90 m, and the current At 12 V is 3.8.

5. Pump

Like without him? The evolution of the pumps have gone ahead, but you can buy a regular – foot. Such a thing was your father and your father, and it’s great they were rescued. Now, of course, we really are lazy, but because there were plenty of other options. For example, there are automotive compressors that will pump up your tire before you smoke your cigarette. Full electric representatives. If money allows, get the one that best.

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