5 things that should be in every man


Why not tell you about the different things that are really useful? It’s not about the Souvenirs that collect dust with all the apartments, and not about things you can safely do. Do you want the slicer, and use it a lot? Why do you need this strange thing on the table? No, let’s not clutter up your personal space. Here’s how brains can be read much, but the benefits to personality gives a not every reading. So keep our short list of things that need to any modern man. All purchases you make through the service Copicat. Just cheaper, that’s all.

1. Drill driver

You can, of course, be subverted by the handles and spin things simple Phillips screwdriver. They are in this case not for long. But it is not even that. Give an example from personal experience. When moving to a new apartment I wanted to make shelves for wardrobe, made of wood, with good carrying capacity and stuff like that. Foolishly started to twist them with a screwdriver – took two days gouging himself all hands, otheniel your nerves. After a week, a friend took a screwdriver, which is powered by a battery, and made a shelf for 20 minutes. You know? 20 minutes and two dead day – which is better? In General, I recommend to acquire drill-screwdriver, and not to spare money for it.

There are a huge number of models of screwdrivers. To understand all, it will take half a lifetime. But we do recommend buying a device that may not be the most expensive, but certainly not the cheapest. There should be a margin of safety, reversible, long lasting battery, no self discharge. These criteria meets screwdriver Ryobi ONE+ R18DDP-L13S (Japan), which can be found using the shop tools.

High quality screwdriver – an indispensable thing. Included with the device will give you a bunch of attachments for various purposes. Not only the bolts but also to twist them back, including a certain mode. The reverse function is now available almost everywhere. Also a good screwdriver has multiple operating speeds, and using them is simple. Even if the user quite the fool in the maintenance craft, the difficulties will not arise.

2. Punching bag

Having tight schedule of work or study (here choose what you close), is not always possible to regularly go to the gym. But to keep yourself in shape is a must. Not only to feel good, but you could always stand up for yourself. In the martial disciplines still nobody came up with better sports equipment than a punching bag. It is possible to work out completely different attacks: hands, feet, head. Besides, a punching bag can be a great element of the interior, although we recommend to use a intended.

Recommend you a punching bag DOMYOS company, which was released under the name TV 1500. This is a good option for those who wish to get pears at the maximum, living in a confined space. The cover itself is made of durable cowhide. Quite durable and a long chain that ends with a ring on the bolt. She pear height not deprived of: you will be available to half a meter. Can you imagine what beating some of the hobbit. And buy this case in the store Decathlon.The main problem of punching bags is the dimensions. It should be large enough that you had the opportunity to practice kicking. But it should be more compact because most people live in small apartments and not a 30-room mansions. And, of course, it should hold its shape for at least the next couple of years.

3. The book is not for leisure

Everyone loves to read something for fun and killing time. We read of kings, Donovich, Gulls, but very few read good popular science books. Also we read little of intellectual literature (although this phrase has become so vulgar, but nonetheless). When was the last time you bought a book that you can hold in your hands, which was read and left a mark in your perception? No tent, explosions and other action – only mind sharp, forcing to rethink the situation.

Not long ago I got acquainted with the «Devil’s Chaplain» by Richard Dawkins. The book is an essay, collection of notes and articles that shed light on the performance of one of the outstanding evolutionary biologists of our time. Performance at what? To science, natural selection, religion and, of course, for prudence, of which we have so little.

You may disagree with the author on many issues, but is read. You can buy the book in the store Litres.

If journalism education is not particularly familiar, we recommend you such a high-profile author like Richard Dawkins. It in an accessible form explains difficult or controversial things. There is another Michelle Uelbek, his latest book is fantastic. About it we even wrote. Not superfluous to read our modern writers, nobody likes them, but they have decent lyrics. Just money on PR for smaller compatriots. And everyone says that modern Russian literature is shit, but no it had never seen.

4. Machete

No, we didn’t go. Thought at first to recommend you a simple tourist hatchet, and chop wood, and slipped through the thickets. But, hell, don’t you want to hold in your hands a real forged machete? The same unit that was in the bloody clutches of Danny Trejo when he cut his opponents with a complete lack of emotion on his face? Don’t tell me only we have an unhealthy love for knives.

Various swords, knives, axes, and machetes in Russia know how to do. Our forge are famous for their quality, and some of the city (Chrysostom) even specializiruetsya in the production of hunting weapons. We found a good shop where at a reasonable price great choice the machete of domestic production. For example, the «Swordsman» has a length of 430 mm, of which the handle has 155 mm, and the blade – 275. The hardness of the steel varies between 54 and 56. Included is a leather case. I think it is a good choice, but don’t look others.Although the machetes we offer you to take a cold weapon is not. It is not a cold weapon is a kitchen knife. However, it is perfectly suitable for Hiking conditions. They can and to cut the branches, and Hiking through the jungle, and cooking, he is a true friend. Anyway, machete is an extremely versatile piece (good in hunting, fishing, Hiking), but they should be able to use it.

5. Gaming mouse

There is nothing wrong to take part in a gambling tournament at leisure. If, of course, cases you have no other, and you do not suffer from a gambling addiction. Our business is just to share experience: standard office mouse for these purposes does not roll, but you yourself should know that. Frankly, even for work it is better to use a gaming mouse, they’re not stupid, don’t hover and obey you in all things. And the life of them much longer.

There are, of course, the well-known Razer, but they are expensive to atheism. But their Bloody competitors are cheaper and quality is almost not lose. Take, for example, a model AL9. It has everything you need: reliable sheathed wire, and the sensor resolution of 8200 dpi, 8 buttons (excluding the scroll wheel), the radius is 1.8 meters, built-in memory, non-slip side panels, adjustable weight (with weights), and of other strings. Design line Bloody great too, but these are known for almost all of gaming mouse. And you can buy in Yulmart.

Even at the Amateur level the difference between a good mouse for five thousand the mouse for two hundred fucking noticeable. And even if you’re not a player, you probably remember how much you have changed in the last five years, the mice (10 pieces?). Do you know how many I have? Only one: I have hundreds of times filled with wine, coffee and something stronger, and she lived and lived. Still working, only the wheel was denied. That’s what a quality gaming mouse. Besides, the batteries do not need to change every two weeks.

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