5 things that should be in every man. Part II


And we continue to talk about real man stuff. Things without which modern man will not. At least a couple should be in the Arsenal of every. It’s not a gift, but I believe that the Essentials. The scheme is the same: we help the product, and our favorite service of cashback (with purchase when you returned the part of your hard earned money) Kopikot will help you choose the best product with the best percentage of cashback. It Kopikot, and no service of cashback, for only the most beneficial interest and suggestions.

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1. Purse

Purse for a man, it is like the tuxedo of James bond and hat-prop for Inspector Gadget – the thing necessary, can emphasize the status and style. Well, where will you put all the business cards, money, credit cards and checks? Business card holder is too, handy – bulky, but versatile purse will accommodate all business and financial assets. Keep the money stuffed in his pockets, at least disrespectful and uncomfortable. Digging out crumpled bills out of tight jeans pockets – a procedure even more annoying than gathering scattered on the floor of the nails or hairs poking out from the ear after a visit to the hairdresser. They must have heard the old Indian wisdom: «Money likes order.» So that’s the way they find exclusively in the temple pocket personal Finance – in the wallet.

Purse accessory enjoyed by the rich and poor. It is different in size and shape, and the number of compartments inside. One always and forever for all the world like Indo-European mythology: it should be made of leather. Then it will last a long time and will bring the owner pleasure. This is not a commodity where you can save. We will not become impudent, obliging you to buy the accessory that maybe you can’t afford it. Just show you the standard of the world purse – Aspinal of London, which great saving on kasbekar, you can buy in the store My bag.

2. Than

One of the most popular sections of our magazine, without a doubt, is «Kitchen». Some people read our magazine only in order to add a thick book of recipes with new culinary delights from our a graceful in these cases authors. And without this tool, no cooking? Hint: the word of three letters. Of course, it’s a knife. Without a good patronage of a knife, sharpened keenly, like a blade of the samurai, you will have no Bouillabaisse or steak.

Normal knives – it’s frivolous and insulting to the aesthetics of cooking. If you don’t care, it can even a plastic knife to cut, but it is not the art of cooking, and the present anyhow. And of course, the knife is roughly what he had not intended.

Someone has doubts about the fact that the knife is a real male enhancement?

A real chef knife should be sharp, as if you were Louis ck or samurai sword. He should cut the hair from your shoulder on the fly. To choose the right what the chief needs with the utmost care, as the choice of machine. It was from him will depend on the degree of satisfaction that you get when cooking. In the shop with a wide range of different kinds of knives Knife, we stumbled upon one such chic than the Pioneer. Razor sharp, great steel (actually, the store «Knives» the other does not hold), and that you have not had doubts about his rudeness, the description even says that it’s for men.

3. Perfume

Some vandal, confused the truth with delusion, and alcoholism with the clarification that gave rise to the opinion that men should strike the goat stench. Nowadays if you smell like garbage, it does not mean that you labour and hardworking people. This means only one thing – you dirty jerk. When from the man smells good, his life is different and people treat him much better. And remember you do not need to confirm the film «Perfume», it is enough to make a couple of zilch with a good perfume on yourself and go to the people to make sure the magical power of fragrance.

Of course, everyone should choose their own unique and delicious flavor. Because perfume is a thing that can make you special. On each person the same flavor will sound different. Ideally, it would be nice to have multiple flavors on different occasions. One winter, the other over the summer, some solemn, others are light, casual and unobtrusive. For example, I’m happy to fill in the neck and wrist Givenchy Gentlemen Only, a fragrance that captures how my girlfriend and myself. I bought it in the online store Feelunique.

4. Jar

That should take a hike with a real man? Well, except for a machete, tent, compass, and multitool? The flask, it was her. In order for the rest flowed smoothly into a truly male. Well, okay, not all use the jar as the alcohol tank. My friend who is a hunter, for example, there was poured a decoction, which is considered very useful. True, they were on alcohol.

In the end, from jar breathes the spirit of adventure, a long journey and readiness for any test. It settled the dust the trampled earth, and inside – cleaned adventurism. Indiana Jones drank from a plastic bottle, he drank from the flask.

Choosing a flask, you can stay on simple, and on a very interesting and unusual instances, like this: flask in leather case, with Leica, complex glass and multi-tool. The effectiveness of its face – it will help to save space in a travel backpack and versatility will come to the rescue at the crucial moment. You can find it in the online store Expedition.

5. Dumbbells

Undeveloped physically man – all the same that grew up in the shadow of the Bush – stunted, lonely and without any prospects. Maybe it sounds quite drastically, but as we have already mentioned under the heading «Fitness and health» the benefits of figurante, and you’re not listening to us. But the basis of physical education is dumbbells. Enough at least to raise them every day to and body to keep on our toes and hands to the weights to train. Replace some of the stools and bundles of books, some people think that dumbbells can be replaced by any other exercise. But really, stop to be greedy: they are much easier to bring yourself back to normal.

Especially good if you have dumbbells removable pancakes. So much more practical, and training become more diverse. They can and press to swing, and hands. Far for them is not necessary, or rather do not need to go. Enough to order in the store Decathlon. For example, this beautiful 30-pound set DOMYOS: it is possible to partially replace a gym at home.

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