5 things that hide the shopping


No matter how hard compassionate friend to buy fruits and vegetables at the market (where supposedly they are fresh), to the supermarket still has to go. Well, there’s no place where you can buy everything, food, drinks, tableware, anything at all! And assholes who work in supermarkets, use it. They cheat and feel no remorse. And might: have something.

1. Truck is very dirty


Have you ever seen a homeless person carrying on the street the ugly truck with the stuff? So, it is several times cleaner than the one in which you put your food for a week at the supermarket. What is there in these carriages, even human shit is present — as much as in 72% of cases, you just think about it!

How did this happen? No, I mean, no one would confuse a shopping cart with a toilet, people are not so stupid. The thing in the ever-present children. These little monsters have a strange habit of sticking their hands where no hitting, and then all of them missed. It always has been, always will be. Deal with it. Now imagine that your cheese, bread, chips and apples lie on the trolley on top of shit. Nice? Because children take a trolley ride in these carriages, turning them into a public toilet.

What can you do, the truck seems to never wash. Think about it: have you ever seen them wash their workers shopping? Never. Apparently, they just don’t belong. Yes, and it would be wasted effort: in one day they would be as dirty. With this, I guess I’ll just have to accept it. Just then wash your hands.

2. They change the date of manufacture of product


It is difficult to say how long it takes to deteriorate. Thus, containers with food and a trademark when they were manufactured, the products have a shelf life, but it is unlikely that the bacteria they begin to rapidly reproduce as soon as it is midnight of the last day of shelf life. This is understandable, but still our right to know when was released the products, and make decisions at your own risk. In the end, we eat not someone out there.

But the supermarkets are somehow not thinking about it. They think about each other. If you do not sell all the food, then the penalty will be divided among all store employees, and salary, respectively, will decrease. As a result, if the product ain’t green on the expiration date, it paste a new barcode: supposedly it’s fresh.

3. With stale food make different food


Spoilage of food is a problem not only anofrikov, but also supermarkets. If you didn’t buy food (even with the re-shelf life) and it turned green, still its too early to throw away! It is possible to cook something! And not even once. Sometimes they are cooked and three, and four rounds. Grilled chicken, salads, pies — watch this, man. You never know what it did. And any ice cream you can turn it into chocolate ice cream and nobody will notice that at first it got corrupted. Is that not poison, but sometimes more.

4. You never know what the meat you buy


Recently in Europe was a scandal: instead of beef they brought horse meat. This suggests: how many times have deceived us and we ate God knows what? Yes, we sell something, we buy something, but what it really is, no one knows. The truth is that meat is very seldom verify their purchases: it is said a cow — so cow. This is especially true of imported meat.

And what’s with the fish? Almost the same thing. You never know (unless it’s flounder, red fish, or you are not a fisherman). And cheese — who does the type of cheese? Well, okay, «Maasdam», but the rest? In short, often deceiving us, giving one thing for another.

5. Saninsite condescending


So, there were times that the restaurants were closed through the efforts of the Department of health. It was the case. And when was the last time you heard that for the same reasons, closed the supermarket? They, too, must undergo strict checks, right? Food inspectors supermarkets just loyal as hell.

So, in the supermarkets sold thousands of things we touch thousands of strangers, including children, whose hands are in the shit. But they try, man, and they descend with it.

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