5 things that changed in the evolution of sex

A man can live with a penis all my life and only looking at it one last time to think, «Yeah, he looks weird.» Every feature of our body, which is directly connected with sex, looks weird. It seems like the developers notably cigarillos before he designed our body. But if we consider our reproductive features, in terms of science and in particular evolution, then everything falls into place. Each feature is the result of natural selection.

1. We go vertically to show the genitals

Most creatures of the earth moved on all fours. Their personal belongings are hidden under thick layers of leather and fur. They have sex differently than humans, although the principle is the same. In humans, as it looks from the outside, especially in men.

There’s a reasonable explanation. There is a theory that argues that bipedalism changed the sexual availability of both sexes. For early man it meant the woman immediately understood the intentions of the partner and could quickly react to any approval of the tackle, or be sent to hell. The upright posture for men is a demonstration of his «dignity». Bipedalism for women is, on the contrary, hide their bodies to create in the way of men’s new challenges. Why do it? The answer is simple: monogamy. Thus encouraged monogamy. The man needed to master the more subtle sexual signals to get a lot of sex — this has led to the fact that today we prefer to live with one woman, not ten.

2. Masturbation is a cleverly disguised way to improve sperm

Masturbation, it would seem, is a deficiency in the reproductive system, as it is a form of cheating and embezzlement of an important resource. Instead of having to multiply with your partner, you literally merge of seeds in the hands that gives zero chances to have a baby.

«Aren’t all animals masturbate?», you can ask. Indeed, many monkeys playing with their sexual organs, but there is one important clarification: they do not bring the process to its logical end. Only man. And how the hell did our species has not yet disappeared, since everything can be replaced by a simple handjob? But nature is not so stupid as it seems. Masturbation was created in order to keep our sperm in good shape, working condition necessary for normal conception and a healthy offspring. If you will be celibate and don’t masturbate for more than a month, there will be serious risks to the health of your future children. Mouse cope with it just shed the old semen with urine every few days. Well, we are doing even easier — masturbate.

3. Monogamy as a means of sexual infections

Monogamy is the practice that we take for granted, natural and traditional. At first glance, it enters into an evolutionary contradiction, because if you want more offspring, it is better to make mothers more females. Then why is the concept of «one man — one woman» has become the norm in the modern world?

The answer is not difficult: in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Our ancestors were not of contraception. No antibiotics, urology and venereology. If you live in the stone age, your life expectancy is closely connected with the number of girls you slept with. Some canadian and German researchers came to the conclusion that the capacity of many sexually transmitted diseases are so huge that was capable of destroying entire Nations. But if the disease is limited to two partners, the risk of collapse of civilization will be reduced to zero. That is why monogamous societies have a big advantage over polygamous.

4. We lost the penis bone in order to have sex in different positions

Imagine that you will have a permanent erection. Fools dream of this, smart people are terrified, the animal world does not see anything supernatural — most mammals, including our smaller brothers have a bone in the penis called baculum. This bone allows you to have sex even when there is no mood.

In the proto, too, was a bone in the penis, but evolution eventually replaced it with a complex system of blood circulation and hydraulics, which allowed us to achieve unique results. Bone loss did our penis more flexible, allowing to have sex in various positions. So if you’re a fan of the «Kama Sutra» and carefully study each pose from our list, remember that if not evolution, no reverse cowgirl, fireworks, monkey pose just wasn’t there.

However, there is another position. The authors of the alternative point of view — the ubiquitous British scientists who have come to the conclusion that the blame for the loss of bone again monogamy. In mammals, the level of competition between each other is determined by bakouma. The more baculum, the more chances to have sex. But monogamy reduces the degree of competition and the bone becomes unnecessary.

5. Form of member was established to ensure that the male could get the sperm of rival

People talk a lot about infidelity and how much they annoy them, although in the animal world, monogamy is an extremely rare phenomenon, as the concept of «treason». In fact, women’s sexual organs look exactly as they look, because evolution has obliged them to be popular. In other words, this «design» of the vagina made the process of copulation with any male, went into her cave easier.

According to one unconventional theory, the form of the penis was evolutionary created so that the male could get the sperm of rivals from the vagina of their females. It is the head of the penis that looks like a mushroom cap, is involved in this process. It penetrates into the vagina and literally clears the contents before it gets to the cervix.

Maybe that’s why we used to have sex rougher and tougher, if there is the slightest suspicion that a friend goes left. Without realizing it, our body is working as intended by evolution.