5 things that can ruin your sex life

Sex dudes don’t need much. We just need to he was, and that it was good. We can understand almost any whim of girlfriends and take them out, but that has always eluded my understanding — how is it that they lose the mood? Everything seems to be fine, everything goes on as usual and straight to the sex and suddenly she makes such a lean face and stops you to react. What’s wrong with her? Is she a prude? Before you come to this conclusion, comparing with this list. Maybe it’s not that, but the fact that you did something wrong.

1. You forced her to have sex.

how to ruin sex

The obvious thing? You might be surprised how often you force a woman to have sex with you without even realizing it. Such a story full: someone complains to the friend that can’t sleep without an orgasm, someone puts ultimatums from the series: «We’ve been Dating for three weeks and still not moved. If we don’t get naked, I’ll find someone else».

And this is only the most obvious ways. You certainly have learned to play on her feelings so that in plain text you do have it do not ask, but the situation is as it suggests. So, the more one of you does something, the stronger the second from this alienated. A simple and illustrative example. Let’s say you both love lasagna, it is nice sometimes to cook it for dinner. Your friend asks: «Cook lasagna», and you happily run to the kitchen and stir up this lasagna. The next day, she again asks you to make lasagna, and you do. And so every day until then, until you lose it: «but how long can this stupid lasagna? You think I’m a factory for the production of Italian food? Looks like lasagna is the main thing for you in our relationship. Could have something to cook.» Well, you know what I mean.

If you constantly put pressure on the girlfriend to come as often as possible has sex with you, even if it seems harmless, then in the end, she will perceive this prospect completely without pleasure. No one likes to be forced. Better be patient and be sure that your dick does not make her revulsion at the next meeting.

The best way out of this situation — to step back, cool down and take a little break. Go somewhere, do something, what is usually involved in the couple. Not sauce «if I do, then we will have sex» just for fun — spend time together. Relations in the end is not just about sex.

2. Make sure you don’t cause her disgust

how to ruin sex

Have you noticed this garbage: here you are wearing Cologne and a pleasant feel and smell. Then takes 15 minutes, and you don’t smell anything. I warn you, friend, it is not necessary to repeat the procedure again and be throttled! Everyone who enters the room, feel how much Cologne you already poured, you just sniffed.

And it’s not just the smell of Cologne. You don’t think you smell, but sometimes — quite a smell. And it’s not always about what you make a lot of sports or it’s hot outside (although that too). Each of us has had those days when we were visited by a bright idea: «Perhaps now I won’t go into the shower. Spent the whole day at home — think of it, it was just this once.»

The problem is that even if you’re not out on the street, and sat on my ass, you still lived. Your body is dirty, you went to the toilet, were covered with bacteria. You understand that to walk in shower anyway, but why cheat yourself. So, are you planning to remove his pants. Under the pants I smell, dude, and should wash before to drag the girl into bed. Just imagine that she is going to give you the best Blowjob of your life, but then I smelled this nasty smell, and her desire is gone. If you wash, this will not happen.

3. Your mood can spoil everything

how to ruin sex

A bad mood can ruin the sexual life to the ground. If so, then something was wrong. But there are days when a bad mood can make it go away, and nothing will help and nothing will save. Since the moment you left the house, and ending with the time you came back and started figaret fists into the wall, everything was just sucky. Happen.

And finally the day ends, you turn off the light and go to bed. You can feel the back of your girlfriend cuddles up to you, and then you realize that it would be possible to solve all problems and normally terminate a dangerous day. Everyone knows that sex is a great antidepressant.

You probably never even thought about it, but she walks on eggshells, ever since you crossed the threshold. She spent all evening trying to avoid conflict, because you react to any word, like mad, and not very pleasant to have sex with a man, who in this way takes out the anger. And it is not even that. This can be some thing I noticed: too was smiling broadly, talking with the waitress; very expressive laughed at the joke of the cashier, which was not so funny. You think you’ve been polite, and your girlfriend — that was flirting.

In General, you could have to do something that she didn’t like. And then the sex is irrelevant. Just wait it out, dude, or start a showdown on level ground or a passive-aggressive «all right.»

4. Don’t think that women get emotional, as we

how to ruin sex

We are very easy to want to have sex: just show us Boobs and we are ready. Unfortunately, it will not help if we just take our pants off and say: «all right, baby, it’s time!» Women are more complicated, you know.

Yes, sometimes women want quick sex, but in General it is fair to say that they need more time. We’re talking about sex in relationships, and here women important many things: respect, attitude, confidence, listening skills, emotional intimacy, attention, communication and stuff like that.

No, you is not enough just to have a beautiful body and fit the car. Even if you started Dating a girl and these things matter, the longer you are together, the less attention it will draw. And Yes, women don’t like narcissistic idiots, that we did not see in the movies. Never seen such a case.

Many guys succumb to a serious relationship, they think «I have so many things to do to get in her pants?» and so much they do not want to so quickly merge. How to manage and keep track of all this, and still to be attentive, listening to her on the first date? And then how to manage to observe it all when you are already in a stable relationship?

I now tell you a secret, which is worth paying attention to. If you don’t know him, hardly at you something will turn out. If you’re not a piece of shit, then do you really respect her, there is no need to even try. And she expects that you will not be a piece of shit.

5. Don’t expect it will be a porn star

how to ruin sex

Never sex is not like porn. Well, in most cases. It’s hard to remember this when in every porn film actors slap the ladies Asses so hard that they have on the skin do not stay prints of fingers, and the ladies in response to wedge member with her Breasts. Hard case.

Even a simple dirty talk can lose everything if you don’t really know where is the border that it cannot cross. Yeah, well you know the friend as a person and very vaguely imagine, what she likes in bed.

You have to be very careful with Internet porn, and I’ll tell you why. The fact that we quickly get used to everything and we constantly need more. We need something new, something more extreme, something out of the ordinary. And in accordance with these queries, our view of sex is distorted more and more, they move away from real life far, far away. And this is a sad story.

First you’re watching regular people do regular sex. This is interesting. The more you look, the more you get used to it. Then you look for something more unusual: teacher with student, BDSM, MILF, and then it comes to rule 34. As a result, you find that not able to start, unless you look like a Brazilian farmer ignites with a pregnant waitress at 30, dressed in latex astronaut suit. Why are you doing this, man?

I’m not saying that porn is bad. That’s good. Especially if you watch it together. Bad when porn becomes a habit. Strange if your usual sex begins with your request to wear a strap-on while you enable to repeat some song from the sixties. The more you wait, the more confused she feels. Her desires are sidelined because she’s busy trying to please you. Not all women can handle 30-inch Dildo, thick as your arm. They do not need and not interesting. For that actually paid porn actress. And not always these extreme scenes by pornstar takes pleasure.

Your friend wants to please you, because so are the relations. But she doesn’t want to be what is not. If she doesn’t like sex, okay. And even when it embodies your desires, she does it together with you, not for you. It is not necessary permanently to bother her with all these strange quirks: once she can no longer. You would also probably couldn’t.

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