5 things that can really hurt your friend


When you you’re friends with someone, especially if you are friends for a long time, you’re totally unable to behave with him like an idiot. Strange, but not live up to expectations is an important aspect of friendship, keeps it in balance. They can afford to spend a weekend with someone else, then to throw together a cool party. Two weeks later, you should not feel guilty for having lied to a friend SMS, why can’t you get out of bed, why you have no money, why didn’t you sleep all night what the fuck you’re hungover.

Of course, understanding this fact will make you free. But more importantly, and this determines true friendship is a mutual recognition that both of you that you are good to each other include, but are not required to hang out with day in and day out.

Can you afford to be an asshole to one and can afford him the same. It happens. But there are things that go beyond all limits. I say that to you, asshole, who the truckload of life experience.

1. Do not reply to SMS

When it’s bad: when you wrote a few texts in a row; when you’ve done this recently; when the answer is very important; when the man is coming to you; when he lost you at the bar; when he has nowhere else to sleep.

When there is nothing to worry: when your involvement in the case is not necessary; when you write too often; when the previous text was abstruse or require a detailed reply and you had done and forgot about it.

How to fix: how long was the text of his SMS, his Stroy. Show that you truly behave, not just trying to make amends. Finish with a joke that shows that you understand everything, it will take the pressure off.

2. Neighbor troubles

When it’s bad: there are a lot of options, one Golden rule. If the ominous silence in the apartment sounds like that moment in a dance track, which begins after kachalovo that something is wrong.

When there is nothing to worry: it can be boring and constantly find fault with your actions, so half of the cases, you can pull all the brakes; and when you’re right or when he messed up a lot in relation to you in your life.

How to fix: Wicline of his claims of morality and tell him what he wants to hear. Then complete all the passive-aggressive comment that will show that you’re doing it (what does he want there?), not because he expects it, but because you want for yourself. And he’ll back off.

3. Alienation in the company

When it’s bad is Cause the guy in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people and throw one. No one could imagine not to enter into a conversation, not to talk about corporate humor, to ignore.

When there is nothing to worry: When you sincerely tried to enter it in the circle, but nothing good ever came of it.

How to correct the matter: Meeting with friends of friends is always the difficulty. A good friendship needs to go through this. And leave my bro in the midst of strangers — base. The only way to improve is to go with him to his friends so he could take it out on you if you want. A good friend will not behave violently, but this is already good.

4. To replace him with a girl

When it’s bad: When you change it on the girl at all, don’t spend any time with him and not call him.

When there is nothing to worry: for Example, over the past six weeks you half the time to hang out with a friend, and half — man. And you looked like you with her. It differs from other girlfriends anything? For example, at least she’s not psycho? Six weeks is the maximum.

How to correct the matter: Then you just need to accept the situation. Dude that is totally immersed in the relationship, does not understand what he is doing wrong. Moreover, he is blind to it, even invulnerable. And embarrassed, because somewhere deep down, his gnawing remorse. If this happens with your friend, talk to him.

5. The quarrel, which is getting too serious

When it’s bad: Often this is the result of mutual accusations. A simple debate about politics can turn into a real war in which you show each other everything. It was half your fault. If not, then it wasn’t a fight, and so, just one man crazy.

When there is nothing to worry: Many will argue that the first one who tipped paluck, guilty. But it’s hard to judge. You and he can feel it.

How to fix: Wait a while. I have to say: not always help. It may seem that you made up, but deep down will be a piece of shit. It takes more time than you think. But sometimes such complexity even necessary.

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