5 things not to do before and after a workout

So, you decided to go into my body this year. Bought the form, a subscription to a gym, even go regularly. And it seems to be doing everything right, but nothing special there. Or is there, but it does not suit you. The reason may be for your laziness, where without it? But it is likely that the mistakes you’re making before and after training. Focusing on the experience of professional fitness trainers, we’ve compiled a list of the most common of them.

1. You drink too much water

Three liters of water a day – just great if you are a professional runner, and for you is crucial to your result. But three liters of water a day when you do Jogging, aerobics or the usual cardio, a hell of a lot. If you consider the fact that we get fluid from other sources (fruits, vegetables, coffee), too much water is better not to consume. Besides, rarely justifies their efforts even 1 liter of water in gyms. However, if you do strenuously, then drink a glass or two even during workouts is a must.

2. You go to the gym hungry

If you come to practice hungry, you can get a nasty headache, dizziness, and fatigue even before you start studying. And it’s wrong, but the bath meal to suit is not necessary. It is better to do one banana and handful of almonds. A banana will provide fuel for the body because of its easily digestible carbohydrates, and raw almonds will give a little protein. Such it is better to eat 30-60 minutes before working on equipment.

3. You drink isotonic

Many people drink them thinking that due to isotonicum the body will better repair itself after exertion. There are a lot of nuances. For example, Robert Robergs, renowned sports physiologist, believes that the admission of such drinks is justified only when a person is continuously engaged for more than 90 minutes. But research by the Australian Institute of sport showed that the intake of salt in the body during exercise can cause serious problems with the digestive system.

Most of these drinks has the opposite effect than that declared by the manufacturer.

– Matthew Thompson, a fellow at the Oxford centre of evidence-based medicine –In General, if you just go to the gym to keep in shape, it is better to abandon Sotnikov.

4. You’re not listening to your body

When you lead a hectic life, a lot of thump or a lot of work, the relationship with your own body is lost. We may not understand what it wants from us and when to stop. And it’s hard to understand what you have frame in training. But somehow you need to force yourself to listen to limbs, muscles, lungs, heart. If your body screams at you about what you need to stop, not to hurt him and stop it, try to make a break. Do not force yourself to good results of such does not.

5. You immediately begin to swing

In General, if you do not do warm-up before vigorous exercise, you kill your potential results, and we don’t want that, right? If you don’t have time to warm-up, then just use your walk to fitness center as an opportunity to stretch your legs: come quickly, make extra attacks, etc. Closer to the end of the training session you should also perform a light cardio activity.

And don’t forget that after everything you’ve done in the gym, you have to find a place and time where you can relax and eat your post-workout meal.

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