5 things girls don’t understand guys

the friend zone

Girls are weird. It would seem that bad guys? They’re sweet, and a pleasure to spend time with, they always find a common topic of conversation, praise her hairstyle and dress, they are not ashamed to introduce to mom, but for some reason rare girl invites a cute guy home after the bar. Why? There is in them something, what girls don’t understand and honestly can’t understand. If you, a friend, nice guy, here’s the guidelines, what to avoid to not become a girlfriend with a penis.

1. Cute isn’t always good

Nice guys are often not enough eggs. As it so happened. They are very shy, and therefore use some modest tactics are not able to grasp what I want. A nice guy will not say anything to the girl yourself, but rather write a little note. He would call Dating «get-togethers». If a friend leaves him and starts hanging out with a dick, a nice guy will tell you that only wants her happiness and will not resist. A good man? No pride.

The secret is this: you can be the nicest guy in the world and still an asshole. I had a bro (bro as well), so all of a sensitive and modest, which was just waiting for a chance to pick up my girlfriend. When I wasn’t there, he would immediately approach her, he was single, and enjoyed the time, getting closer to her. You see, he rolled to the friend of her bro! And so he was in a better position: it is much better than out in the open to fight off someone else’s girl.

Cute types really want to like it. In their eyes they are all soft, honest and discreet — and they will do everything to save this image in the eyes of a friend. Nice guys don’t think they cause problems. They will never make a decision. And girls like to behave like a man. They need to from time to time they showed the power of the spirit, for the sake of them committed acts. Limp and «let go» the girl on all four sides — nothing.

2. Nice guys are very passive

When it is necessary to act cute guys disappear to who knows where. Give him instructions — he will perform them faithfully, but to Express his own opinion or make a decision — ever. They can only talk.

Cute guys too immersed in introspection. They keep on replaying in my mind the worst of the possible scenarios and unrealistic plans. They will not do anything, as long as the NASA, are not confident in the success of 97%. But not all of them are space engineers, right?

Learn to make decisions that are cute! Learn to do things. It will not be the girlfriend to do everything for you? You’re not the center of the universe and not everything revolves around you. And in General, friends often want to rely sturdy and strong male shoulder.

3. Cute guys raise girls on a pedestal

Cute types think women love to be praised. Well, in a sense it is. But even more, women love it when they are accepted for what they are. Do not overdo it with romance, it’s not worth it, she won’t appreciate it. The woman is not sugar and not glass, will not melt and will not break. She is an equal partner in the relationship, understand the other?

Sometimes even comes to what cute guys think his girlfriend quite different, fictional person. Open your eyes and look for another or be reconciled with reality! It will be for her deep disappointment, if you loved not her, but some non-existent lovely lady.

4. Cute guys are very sensitive

Cute types are stuck in the XIX century. They are scattered in a graceful gesture, they sigh that they attach importance to every detail. Well, Yes.

And think they are very cleverly. Type «to become stronger, I will drop it, make you disappointed, and then allow yourself to return.» You can understand something like that? If so, I sincerely hate you. You need to rethink something in this life.

Somehow so historically happened that the more sensitive partner in a heterosexual relationship the woman, and she is happy with. She likes the status quo, she wants to be able to cry from time to time, to laugh for no apparent reason. Leave it to her. You’re a man.

5. Life does not teach them anything

Nice guys without end dumping girls. Constantly. They constantly find themselves in the friend zone, constantly consoling friends, abandoned by a boyfriend, constantly afraid to make a decision and in the end left with nothing. And every time I want to clap for these dudes on the shoulder and sarcastically to burn: «I knew, friend.» Everything around knew it, ale!

Life is serious and full of surprises, it is constantly set traps, and this fool without end gets them. And friends understand that the future of these types of just yet, and therefore no regrets leaving them.

Including the brain, friend! For some reason, it was given to you, right? To learn. Here and draw conclusions.

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