5 things for extreme relaxation

Extreme relaxation is when the crowd tired, covered with mud, but happy people do things that normal people would never call a holiday. No Lounges and pools, only a mount and insurance. But after the second, say, a parachute jump, climb a mountain, or kayaking starting to think that something is missing, we need some things to rest I remember, it was more comfortable and more fun. We think we know what these things are.

1. Action camera

Surely you want to save your adventure. But how to do it, if your hands are constantly busy? Put somewhere on the side of one with a camera? But the video from the third person, moreover, captured by Amateurs, does not give the whole spectrum of emotions. For this crafty engineers have created a action camera. Pinned, went on stilts through the swamp, and she still shoots. Better not to save and take top GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition. Technically, this is the best that has been created in the category of action cameras. The image quality of 4K will allow you to shoot your adventures in awesome quality. It also relieves the night and day. The camera is so good that to perfectly capture the snowy peaks with the height of his glider, and some moments of everyday life. This baby will give the joy of climbing the mountain not only with excellent image quality, but great sound.

2. Reliable watch

If anyone knows what extreme tourism is not when you lay in the hammock, under a palm tree, sipping coconut milk straight from the fruit. Extreme sports — this is when the sweat pours a stream, around dust, dirt, and unthinkable doses of adrenaline make you forget about all the inconveniences. Lie does not, on the contrary — lots of movement, especially hands and feet. Therefore, you should think about the watches that will not fly with hands and will not fall apart after falling off his bike.


Daily shock will not fit, need a watch specially created for extreme conditions. The men take them on hunting and fishing, youth on their grades and downhill, they should have a comfortable strap, and the glass is able to withstand a collision with a stone and the severity of claims your girlfriend. «East» 476613 just like that. They can and dive to 100 meters and mineral glass should not wait for a dirty trick, it will stand up to even weight your problems. Reliable mechanism and original, not to say Patriotic, design.

3. Portable speakers


Often, during the holiday does not get much… good music. In a normal voyage, come on, listen to music from your phone. And while a great company, somewhere in the mountains? Music you want. For these purposes, take this portable speaker. To halt the same — all tired, exhausted, exhausted, and then from the speakers the song «Better than mountains can be only mountains,» and all of you again cheerful, cheerful and full of energy. Plus, play music from your phone to an open space not a good idea.

Now the main question — what column to take? We would recommend a column with the beautiful name Divoom Voombox-outdoor. She has just set up for long travel, robust housing protects internal components from splashes, bumps and even dust. The Bluetooth connection allows you to wirelessly connect to stream audio from your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphones and tablets. Built-in microphone will allow you to take calls wirelessly, and it can be used as a headset, in case you are not ashamed of their phone calls.

4. Reliable phone


Camping can’t go with a brand new iPhone. By itself, the extreme tourism is not a cheap pleasure, not to cry over a lost or broken Apple jewel. Of course, you can get protected from all sides and armored hardware, but supercali not always able to protect him from a tragic end.

For extreme relaxation need a reliable machine, like a Viking Thor Plus. He’s even got the name right, once it is clear that the device is unpretentious, and he was not scared. He has passed numerous crash tests, it burned, beaten, thrown and it still worked. Like Berserker and Nokia 3310 — he’s immortal. The man was broken, and he will continue to work. Battery it discharges only after 13 hours of conversation. This is probably the best option in terms of quality and reliability.

5. Drone

As a rule, places for extreme rest is such a wonderful nature, that though «the Lord of the rings» peressini. To show all of its beauty and picturesque bends with the camera and the camera is simply impossible. The picture is not complete. But someone passionate mind thought to use a drone for the filming of beauty and spectacular photos of his extreme adventures. If you mount it with the footage on the action Cam, you get a cool movie which is not a sin to gain hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. So now, a lot of quadcopters ply the height over all, meaningful places.

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It is clear that the most striking personnel need not anyhow what the aircraft, but reliable, multifunction megaraptor. For example, such as the DJI Phantom 4 — the symbiosis of high technology and elegant incarnation. In fact, at the moment it is the best representative of the dynasty of drones: obedient, with an advanced system of safety, it is manageable. If you really what to spend precious money in extreme pleasure — so it’s on him.

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