5 things about work that no one ever tells you

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Now a month and a half in the spring. This is probably the second most popular time that people choose to start a new life. First, of course, the New year. And then it seems like the nature of the update, never superfluous will be something new. For example, a new job. Besides, closing papers, and thousands of new specialists, bachelors and various other guys will go in search of work. While these searches have not started, dudes talking about them in an optimistic tone. But life, as usual, much more complicated than we imagine. So today we will talk about those things that you need to know about the job, but no one (except our bearded version) you don’t.

Don’t do what you want or like to do

This is the worst thing you can do, if only in your head did not have a clear plan of what you want to do with life and how to move up the career ladder. To follow your dreams, perhaps the biggest risk you can take. Often this means to spend several years, if not ten, of the financial hole, to incur enormous expenditure of time and effort, besides, you will jeopardize your relationship and perhaps lose friends.

If you have not decided what you want to do, for starters just get some regular work (8-hour working day, the benefits package is), so that no one could depend. Then you’ll have time to think what to do with my life.

Think what you definitely do not want to do

We use the method of solution «on the contrary». Most of the job is may seem like an absolutely miserable, but what can you do: you have to choose a new job. So be realistic: just define for yourself why you don’t want to do for what ever and pay attention to other jobs.

Don’t put off the job search, but don’t rush to agree

Clearly, if you’re looking for work, you, in the end, it will be found, but what you’ll have to hear a lot and suffered a great deal! Work, among other things, are very important to your parents. What about where you work now, your mother will tell the neighbors and maybe that will Shine with pride. And maybe, conversely, will try to quickly hush up the subject, not to blush once again.

What we can tell you about it. It is not necessary to wait for six months, until suddenly somewhere will be the perfect vacancy. Of course, a dream job is good, but does it exist in nature? However, don’t succumb to pressure (you haven’t got a job? What do you do? You’re not worried?) and rush to the first offer. Practice shows that in this case, work guy you’re long and in the end still throw the work that you grabbed on the principle of «well, at least something».

Your relationships with friends will change

Do not think that everything will remain as before. At least this concerns friends with your previous work. Do not hope to meet with them every weekend or to maintain close contact. We understand that you think it’s easy. In fact, you will be overflowed with new worries and you will have to stay less time, to remember that page of your life that you have flipped. We do not mean that the urgent need to break off relations with his former colleagues, sometimes that friendship becomes strong and long, but often people just get lost.

To make your project very difficult

Today, many are seriously thinking that in addition to the regular work, to start some personal project which in future will bring them money. It can be anything: a cooking or fashion blog, online shop — there are all sorts of different ideas?

You, of course, captures the idea that you can get money doing what brings you pleasure. First, you expect to devote to the project all my free time. And here and there.

Dude, at your age you probably already have learned the truth that day in very little time. And while you’d come home, eat, read Contact, write a tweet about how to develop your #project underway. And then you have, or sleep, or work at night. Get ready for this: no one said it would be easy. Time is very valuable and tricky thing.

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