5 things about female images that men can’t understand

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Men and women are brought up strictly in different ways. Telling my husband that crying is bad, and woman, which is quite normal. So when the girl perceives some sort of resentment from her eyes splashing a fountain of salt water, the boys involuntarily shunned the case, genuinely not knowing how to react. One of my bro even told me not to say to a girl to apologize if you did something wrong and he knows it. He argued the fact that the girls there are no serious problems. Die who — soothe. In Africa children are starving! But we will help dudes understand the intricacies of the female psyche.

1. Crying = the problem. Need a solution

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As we have mentioned above, men believe that crying is always something negative that contains the problem. But problems require solutions. By the way, this attitude towards male tears were observed in history, not always. And here’s the proof. The light is really a lot of people who find it difficult to talk about their problems, but much simpler to endure the stress in the corner, arm in arm with a pillow. And here is the girl after work lying in the corner and crying, and you’re running around like mad with the desire to solve the problem. The problem also lies in the fact that we, each inherent to a linear approach to everything. We won’t look for connections between different objects, we just bring one or two incidents to each other. As it was not difficult to understand, but sometimes crying is a release of emotions. Girls can afford it. Well, imagine she tells you that she was rude to the Director. And then you go and treat him, would make her leave a good team — in short, you’re trying to solve a problem. And she already solves it.

2. We have so much experience tearing

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In other words, we do not understand. Tears for most girls is a great way to Express very strong emotions. Like her scene in the movie — she was crying. Like something incredibly beautiful — she will cry or just cry. Gave her something to get emotional. Someone said a strange compliment — thought I formulated it wrong and burst into tears.

And we sit and wonder: what’s wrong with her? We don’t feel depressed, we don’t know what’s going on, like a cat, next to which the washing machine is included for drying. If for tears is a bit extreme, for women the norm. And all over again, blame the hormones. Or rather, prolactin, which is responsible for milk production in a woman’s body. The worst thing we can do in this situation is to send it off and sit in the corner. We just hem the flames, going to principle. A woman with the principle of go futile. Though looking for what.

3. We are confident that we are the reason

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Since you already know that we, each, possess the linear thinking, we are always looking for reasons not particularly penetrating. Looked around, is there? Cat? A Guinea pig? No, these are not to blame, reject them. We were. We have reason, woman?

The thing is, that girl is so natural to weep from the hurt, stress and bitterness that she truly did not understand why it is necessary to explain. And you stand over the soul, and demand explanations. «What did I do wrong? So, I took out the trash, not feeding the cat! But that is no reason for me not to love and torment! Stop trying to manipulate me!» And went to the kitchen to think. And the girl openly swears by this approach: it just releases steam, wants to be alone, and then you get mad. If you think she wants to make you feel guilty, this is not always so. And then she starts the second wave of resentment, which is one of several ways. Most often: «He’s inconsiderate of my personal space» or «He doesn’t understand me». Starts the second wave of crying. Although sometimes a certain type of girls really important consideration and endless: «are You okay?» This is the typical egocentric, the former little Princess. Of course, we can’t call them girls for a relationship with them does not cook soup. But this stock character, nothing can be done, I want to live with her — be patient, old habits die hard. Don’t want to… Well, you know what to do.

Often, we think that the fault is in us, but here the guilt we have, it’s on someone else. Which is not in this room. We also believe that a woman can not control their emotions, but actually the tears — this is the control of emotions. It is something like external and internal cooling.

4. We are afraid to make the situation worse

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The other side of the puzzle.

She was crying on the couch, and we play the computer, leaving her alone with their thoughts. What she thinks? «You’re a heartless asshole! You don’t want to know what is happening in my life! I’m not interesting! Bad, bad, bad!» So why are we sitting? Because we are afraid to do something wrong, we follow the path of least resistance.

Will open you a terrible secret. In human relationships, no matter guy or girl, it is not static. It is impossible to act according to the principle of «It does X, then I should do Y». The status of the girl and the guy is changing constantly. If it is an internal stress and tears from her because of him, the girl needs peace and solitude. If she has problems, for example, someone has died, she has problems at work, with finances or parents, then your participation here is mandatory. In terms of rapid collection of puzzles with many pieces we definitely do not thrive, you just need to understand (to learn) that the situations are different and need to act too differently.

Our advice: take an interest, what’s wrong with her. If she refuses to talk, ask if anything had happened bad. If she says everything is fine, ask her need to be alone and cry. Bingo! You’ve become one step closer to understanding women! Get achivki!

5. We believe that responsive bro — rags

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Sometimes we try to hush up the hearth of tears some rudeness, because I think that kind of tearful girls reduces the level of testosterone, making us a doormat or «nice boy». But women’s tears are just water, nothing more. And your shoulder will not lose muscular and hairy, let her finally cry!

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