5 the most anticipated computer games

We don’t particularly want to consider the already released new items, the more interesting we thought to tell you about those things that only have to be born. They have already announced that they can come out this or next year, but we are sincerely expecting. Don’t want to offend the tastes of our readers, so just be warned that there are certainly a lot of really cool games that we can be called and waiting just for you. But this is the choice in our office. If you have something to add, write in the comments.

1. Total War: Warhammer

So, the first of three expected to release games series Total War, which this time will live in a fantasy world of war hammer. This game we are waiting and even pre-order if it comes to it. This time the creators did not promise that the game will change the world and bring a global strategy to a new level. And rightly so. If they miss, then we will be sad less. However, the main developer, the main writer in interviews, talking about many interesting things which are already implemented in the game. I am glad that in the presence of orcs, griffins, army of the dead and the dwarfs it will be the good old Total War, so beloved by us for fantastic real-time battles, which in the previous game in the series «Attila» smartly embodied, and though not perfect, but still any kind of diplomatic system. This, we think, will not mind to spend their money. In addition, judging by the artam and trailers, the show is really ambitious.

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_FMLNzX8Jz3qBzThe sad fact that some fans of the series received a hostile reception the news that their favorite game goes to the fantasy track. But let them conserve your energy – to release a new Total War about the middle ages is also planned in a regular mode. And while the discontented will have to ride a Wyvern, dragons and other creatures.

2. Fallout 4

Parati.kom.ua_15.07.2015_3300ePFueOZEfFallout is my favorite series of games for anyone ugorayu in the post-Apocalypse. And the game is really not once we were not disappointed. You can, of course, to delve into srach, which are between a conditional, newpage, but it is better not to do it. If you look at the game as a whole, yet no part was not a failure. A gazebo is generally happy such a tradition.

New part announced this year, and now we can have a dog. But, hell, it even cannot be killed! Where such moralism come from in this game? Although it was us? Direct hands of the modders will fix it, the benefit is not prohibited.

The new canonical parts – Boston, United States. At E3, the largest exhibition of games and entertainment, which monitors any self-respecting gamer, a new part Fallout have several main titles: best game show, best PC game and best role-playing game. In General, I think the release of this game will be an elegant event. And we have no reason to talk about the possibility of the failure of the new part. By the way, about the exhibition we have already written.

3. Might and Magic Heroes 7

manygoodtips.com_15.07.2015_NW5172bpowrmqThe family has its black sheep, if you know what I mean. However, there are still fans of the first three parts, which do not lose heart and every time I buy a terrible new turn-based dullness. But we are still waiting for her, hoping for the best. New heroes will be released in September of this year. The story will tell us about the events between the fifth and sixth installments of the series. Ah, the troubles in us the idea of what can happen with a new part. It seems that someone you should have stopped at figure IV.

4. Cradle

There is a Ukrainian Studio, called Flying Cafe for Semianimals. It is known for his work on games such as Stalker, Allods Online and Heroes of Might and Magic 5.

Players will be middle of the desert in a dusty Yurt in the company with a mechanical girl. What you need to do next and where to take the story now is not particularly clear, but the developers have intrigued us with his indie project, the release of which is scheduled for July 24. But did the game already with 2012.

In General, the whole game is built on contrasts. She inherits the contemplation and comfort of Myst, but the content is conceived as something perfectly opposite peaceful form.

Flying Cafe for Semianimals

5. Need For Speed

Work.com.ua_15.07.2015_qgO9pqLepOmFOAnd of course there are some games that you particularly don’t expect anything, but enjoy playing when you just need to clear my head. They have no interesting stories, no interesting decisions – they are simply created in order to relax. Of course, we are waiting for one of those games – the new Need For Speed. We expect that, as before, will include tons of speed, great route and driving music. The new part was announced in late may of this year, and it marks a complete restart of the series «need for Speed» as such. Open world street racers waiting for you at the beginning of November 2015.

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