5 tactics of negotiation used by the professionals

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2014_m2QbS2wxfZMlENegotiations – one of those things in relation to which many people have an ardent aversion. This applies to any field communicative skills; from sales to business transactions. Many people actively avoid situations that require negotiation, or trying to deal with everything as quickly as possible, accepting the worst situation in exchange for further peace of mind. You already know how not to sell if he tried anything «to sell». Now it’s time to examine tactics used by professional negotiators to make the negotiation process not as painful and more effective.

1. Talk about price first

With our modest help, you already know how to pass interview successfully, easily overcoming all the pitfalls. And to such a sensitive issue as the size of the paycheck, we always recommend to treat with feeling and plainly, and to prepare in advance responsible. After all, when the hiring Manager or future employer determines you will get a place or not, it evaluates your performance and skills, and not baser impulses to line their own pockets.

Only after the authorities realized what a joy it is to work with you as a team, the time of these negotiations. And here the first person to name the price. This creates the so-called effect of binding, since the price you will set will have a significant impact on the further course of the negotiations. Some studies and excerpts from smart books say that «each dollar announced in the first sentence, a minimum of 50 cents will move to the final agreement.»

How to resist this:

If someone is first voiced by the original price, which is prohibitive or, on the contrary, far too low, most likely, this person creates the above effect of the binding. Well, or alternatively, trying to deceive you. Most of the time to pretend to be offended honor and to declare that such a proposal you think is worthy to consider it seriously. Stating that the announced reference rate is ridiculous, you sure put a cross on this offer. Then, after enduring the oppressive pause, raise up negotiations, this time voiced its price.

2. Change the theme

Usually the subject of negotiations entails a long chain of related emerging issues, and to find a compromise and a decision on each of these issues is not easy. So often practiced tactic of shifting the focus, for example, when the negotiations reached an impasse, and you specifically do not agree with any item, the seller switch your attention to other, unresolved issues. If clear: you buy the car, and the parties must agree on the total cost, down payment, monthly payment and price of the old cars trade-in new, if there is such a possibility. You are arguing about the cost of the car and can’t reach a compromise. Then the seller is in a hurry to discuss the monthly payment or down payment. Up to the moment you return to the question of cost, you’ll be more supple and pliant after skilled word processing professional who earns the first year on such boobies as you. The principle is simple: the deeper you plunge into negotiations, the more your desire to quickly end this chatter and enter into the agreement.

How to resist this:

The answer is obvious: to solve problems in turn. Don’t let the seller to switch to another theme until you solved the previous question. Everything is in order. Rarely does an important job, be it business or personal agreement, requires haste. Risk to laugh everyone, but not your wallet.

3. Fictional pitfalls

In the course of this story one party notes any item of negotiation as particularly important and/or problematic for her, although in reality it is not. In the future, it is inferior to the second party on this issue in the hope that in response to this «noble gesture will give way to some really important points.

How to resist this:

Option one: hard to stick to their line, defending their own interests. But the chance that this approach will burn 50 to 50. In the negotiations concerning the work and working conditions, when none of the parties can’t come to a compromise, it is not exactly pass. If you offer similar «bash on bash», they should thoroughly and carefully examine the position of the second party you to have a clear idea of what is actually important.

4. Top brass

Negotiations go on as a hot course, but then one of the parties declares that she has no authority to accept the proposed terms and to discuss them with superiors. This tactic is incredible convenient for several reasons. First, it shall terminate the negotiations with the hope that the other party will get tired of waiting and eventually agree to a deal with the worst conditions. Second, it maintains a positive image of a person, because you do not refuse this nice guy, and his tyrannical boss. («Laaadno, so, so wrong.»).

How to resist this:

In business, if someone is trying to pull a stunt, stern voice demanding to stop negotiations as long as you don’t present a person with real authority. You need to understand that if you became on the thorny path of negotiation, it is necessary to show persistence, patience and endurance. Exhale and remember that extra hour of your time you’re buying tens of thousands.

5. Bait

One of the most vile tactics – this is when for a few moments before processing the transaction someone casually mentions about one «insignificant extra detail». This technique is called «swallowing the bait», that is, in fact, is another test of strength, when one party cynically hoping that the other side will say, «want!» and give in, just to get it over with as quickly as possible.

How to resist this:

Remember banal truth: if this «extra thing/item» would be so important, then it would have determined if not at the beginning, in the middle of your negotiations, that’s for sure. Never did, and you don’t buy these cheap tricks. In addition, if the business partner has agreed to the proposal made to sound additional terms, talk about the refusal to conclude the contract until it will not removed the additional item (if it really puts you stick in the wheel). In any case, this deal is better for them than lack thereof, so that the time for threats, blackmail and demonstration of suitable here, as ever.

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