5 superpowers that can become a reality

Science has given us amazing things. Look at how advanced robotics, medicine, and other graces. Jumps in technology every year impress those who are watching others a little more carefully. And if you love comic books and always dreamed that someday will become a superhero in your city, then you find comfort in the fact that we are gradually getting closer and closer to be able to possess what is now called a superpower. This is much closer to reality than you think. Check for yourself.

1. The iron man suit

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_LCKquMFQaOElGDARPA, an Agency of the United States, which is occupied by the development of advanced military technologies, believes that the transformation of science fiction into reality – a dream gig. For them it is a reality and daily work. Just look at their project called Warrior Web. The high technology used in the project are mind-boggling. They enhance regular soldiers by redistribution of the lion’s share of physical activity on the exoskeleton. Together with the University of Arizona that is developing «Air Legs» – a device that allows regular guys to run at the level of the fastest runners on the planet, it seems quite serious. The project «Talos» is preparing to 2018 bulletproof suit with onboard weapons that will give soldiers «superhuman strength and perception.» Well, let’s see, Tony stark waiting for us.

2. Aging – damn!

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_VB6dr7fV4rpvsTwo rats: one old, the other young – sewn together. Grow new blood vessels, the cardiovascular system is connected. The old rat gets the blood of the young and young – old. A young rat shows the first signs of aging, and the old seems to young, radiating health and vigor.

An ancient ritual held on the wicked witches of the Ancient Gods or is it a scientific experiment in modern history?

Last. For decades, researchers watched as young blood, but rather to specific proteins on the inside of it had an impact on the aging body. The results of numerous writings of scholars indicate that the introduction of these proteins into the animal, can reverse the aging process, rejuvenates all the tissues, heart, muscles, brain.

While the work was conducted only on rats and mice, but scientists hope to carry out similar experiments on human beings. What might this mean for us? Of course, a revolution in the field of the human life-span. However, not many would agree to become a test subject the doctors who want to bleed their «lab people».

3. Any goonie

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_z3TW4YClc9OAtMachine or man? If you don’t know who the Terminator or Robocop, then you’ve wasted my life.

However, towards the movies. Cyborgs have become a reality. People with improved limbs with cybernetic technologies already exist and live among us. And the trend is that these people will be more. Heard of transhumanism? One of the most ardent supporters of this ideology, Professor Kevin Warwick, has been introduced into his body microchips, connecting them to nerve fibers, and now he can control a robotic arm just with thoughts. Neil Harbisson has created antennas that are attached to the head, to fix your color blindness. Called his invention «the Eyeborg». The antenna is now officially a part of the body of this man. Thing Or using implanted magnets could first develop superhuman abilities, something similar to the echolocation skills of bats.

So, DARPA is not in place. They are also working in this direction. Some develop fears that all these improvements can create a new human species that will dominate over others.

4. Crawl on walls like Spiderman

manygoodtips.com_31.07.2015_y5syaWOjHmLY3Sometimes it seems that DARPA finds all his ideas in the Marvel comics. I read there in the lab, screwing releases and then: «why our soldiers do not climb the wall like spider-man? Great idea! Take under a few tens of millions.»

If you do not believe, then find information on the project Z-Man who allows the soldiers to be in the shoes of one of the superheroes.

After studying the anatomy of geckos, whose toes allow them to climb completely vertical surfaces and keep the balance only on one leg, the researchers decided to create a prototype that will act like that for people. In the text of this technology stated that an adult was able to climb over a glass wall to a height equal to 8 meters. With this technology, soldiers open up new strategic opportunities during military conflicts. For example, they are finally able to fend off the Green Goblin.

5. Read and control minds like Professor X

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_56a92VdVxBcvEIn an era when all around you are the camera and the attribute of youth is a selfie-stick, the inviolability of private life is overwhelming. Fortunately, our thoughts are still safe, except that Santa Claus and the divine voice can reach them.

But such happiness may be short-lived. Researchers have created something called NeuroSys. This program can identify the word you’re thinking before you tell her. At one point, the program will be able to interpret sentences, whole thoughts. People who are developing this «miracle», I hope that their invention can be used to give commands to the electronic means, without touching them and without telling them anything. Only the power of thought.

In General, it’s time to stock up on tin foil hat.

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