5 stereotypes, which can be useful

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2015_bqD5fxHnzhQDrWhen you say that you think in stereotypes, it means that the development of your questioning. Thinking in stereotypes is bad? Oh really! And where did these stereotypes? This is a very sustainable phenomenon that allows us to reduce the time for evaluating those or other events, things. We don’t live three centuries to think about every action and to every situation be approached in a sober mind. And would it be useful?

Of course, in many respects, prudence, neutrality define a good person. But earlier stereotypes helped to survive. Now in most cases put a spoke in the wheel. The brain creates only in order to make life easier. Much easier, do not understand the problem, to put it point one has established itself in the people phrase. Still, perhaps now that there are stereotypes, which are still useful to us? Let’s try to make a list of them.

1. In a healthy body – healthy spirit

Winged Latin expression (Mens sana in corpore sano), which means that if you care about your health, and the brain and mental balance you will be fine. Of course, it’s not, but the stereotype is useful and you can even believe it. You feel worse because you strengthen your body. But to strengthen the spirit, some were rocking just is not enough. By the way, the quote was taken out of context and in the original was: «we Must pray to the gods that the spirit was healthy in the body healthy.»

2. You have a duty to the country

This refers to the civil and public debt. Although people really don’t owe anyone anything when it comes to areas where reason is powerless. Useful sense of duty to the country? Useful, of course, but not for you. On the other hand, such manipulation is necessary, for example, in time of war or danger: if the personality is sacrificed to the public cause, whatever it was. Good or bad is up to you. But do you do anything with it can not, at least in this country.

3. The man had to endure pain

Actually no. Pain is a normal reaction, an evolutionary mechanism that has allowed us to survive to the present day. And it really is a stereotype that men do not always endured the pain, and now even more so. Although now you need this. The guy who hysterically cries that fell to the feet of the hammer – a sad spectacle. However, many people manage these things to replace the usual strong language.

4. National stereotypes

This may include a vast number of examples, and you know, probably dozens, if not hundreds. What is their usefulness? They are very viable. You are guided by stereotypes, when evaluated person and his behavior, given his appearance and name, end up with a profit. How would that even work? So simple. Let’s say you work in a restaurant, at a table sits down, say, a Frenchman. You can experience the benefits just by how he looks. It is possible that I am mistaken, but with the big share of probability will get to the point. Already love the «gourmet» food the French almost to the blood. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will offer him some steak or barbecue.

In the service sector national stereotypes are played for you, and sometimes you can get rid of trouble. You can take a wider. For example, your profession is a comedian. In most modern foreign comedians national stereotypes – an inexhaustible source of inspiration that helps them to stay afloat. Relaxed attitude to them, as well as the adoption of often smooth out the corners of public outrage.

5. Stray dogs attack people

Of course, not every stray dog will spring at you and tear your throat out with my jaws. Anyway, to annoy the dog, you need to try. However, can’t be too careful, it’s still an animal. Sometimes it is better to get a stray dog that made you mistrust and fear. You never know, maybe you personally don’t like. In General, dogs and dogs, very attached to humans but they have powerful jaws, and you have none. Therefore, the stereotype of a stereotype, and pepper sprays against dogs not just sell.

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