5 steps to winning the Nobel Prize for literature

Recently, the entire Russian speaking in Russian reading community was extremely alarmed by the fact that the Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to Belarus come from Ukraine, writing exclusively in Russian. So even with the beautiful words «For her polyphonic work – a monument to suffering and courage in our time». Someone thinks her lack of talent, which is writing works in the style of «Scoop» evil», and someone talented author, who had granted the compassion and pain on the top of the literary Parnassus. As this really is up to you. After reading, of course. And we will talk on another topic on the subject of how to perpetuate itself in the history of literature and how to 953 thousand dollars.

Master the word

Ernest Hemingway presented the award with the formulation «For narrative skill, once again demonstrated in «the old Man and the sea». John Steinbeck – «For a realistic and poetic gift, combined with gentle humor and sharp social vision.» Of course, if you don’t know the word, then you have nothing to do in the literature. Don’t have to write epic works like «Ulysses». You can do «the Hen», but to paint this domestic chicken is necessary so that all neproplachennye chorus of critics insisted that you’re a genius. In 2013 the award was won by canadian Alice Munro. Even at home, full of people, which is difficult to call her a brilliant writer. But she was presented the award, and she wrote only short stories. Master the word, convince, confuse, potrazi. And don’t be like anyone else

Active citizenship

Writer-nobelium does not have (it is too stretched and the ears of the wording), but you want him to take an active civil position. The more difficult relations with the home country, the better. Prosecuted for careless statements about the Armenian genocide in Turkey, Orhan Pamuk that gorgeous example (by the way, be sure to read in order to more clearly understand the picture of the Muslim society). Or favorite room bunk Brodsky. Their love with Soviet officials was so huge that the first desire that arises from them seeing each other – to spit in the «snickering mug».

As for the author, that some have called among the reasons of exposing the cruel realities of the hated «evil Empire.» But the woman just took a fertile ground to expose to the court the prying eyes of human relationships.

Or in books and in life to move feminism to the masses, as the Austrian novelist Elfriede Jelinek.

But again, this rule is not without exceptions. For example, «Swedish Pushkin» the poet Tumas Transtromer, nor any particular socio-political activity were not observed. And in recent years, and does not even communicate with journalists.

But the Western world will always support the fighter with the wrong totalitarian and intolerant values. Although socialists, Sartre and Shaw prizes are not cheated. But their greatness pressed the stratosphere, and get past them – vulgarity, which is worse – to break wind in public. So any «bad fight», go to meetings, rebuke the power as a great poet of the Bulls (maybe, for the award of marks), dance in the field with a strained face Balaclava, otherwise tell me how you are oppressed, and even better do your beliefs – and in the pocket of a stream call will fall of the crown. Just don’t forget to write. Good writing.

Praise the world

To be somewhere your favorites, you must first be evaluated. Not your family, who do not want to offend you, not my backyard, not the Chairman of the SEL publishing house, and the world. And that you are appreciated, nice to you to begin just knew. Let us take the same region. In Russia her name was little known except to fans of okologosudarstvennyh revelations about the harsh Soviet past. But in Europe know her really well. Perhaps even more than in Russian-speaking space. Her books have been translated into 20 languages. The total circulation of the translations is in the millions of copies.

Its main competitor – Murakami, personality is not only famous, but iconic. When we talk about Japanese culture, we first remember him, and not the geisha, is idiotic and terrible pornography. Popular anime only. However, it is unknown how much of this recognition to wait. And here we gradually move on to the next item.

Literature – the business of life

Flippant scribblers who write on Sundays after the massage, the Nobel prize is not worthy. To become nobleton (what a beautiful damn word), to write, write, write and write, to devote their work life. If you’re not Winston Churchill, who received the award for his historical works. It is clear that he wrote them free from the conclusion of the fate of the world. But it was Winnie! The author herself is also a professional journalist, but a journalist working with the word and their debt service is forced to hone it every second (ideally).

Pay attention, most of the nominees received their awards, being in adulthood. First of all, your creations, research must pass the test of time. Sholokhov received the prize for «Quiet flows the don» only in 1965. From 1028 to 1940 out of all 4 volumes. In the ‘ 40s, the novel was translated into European languages, and, by the way, it was the most read of the Russian literature of that period, does not cause the reader anything, except enthusiasm and joy from the description of the burly Aksinya. In the 50s, the novel was translated into Oriental languages. Of course, given the translation turns out not so much time. But what is 20 years! Meanwhile, Sholokhov was 59 years. But our beloved Transtromer – 80 years! The Western world was singing for 40 years sang the praises of «the chief poet in the history of Scandinavia», but handing the award to, in no hurry.


And this urgency cause resonance. Global, public! Don’t have to go towards the tanks with posters «Down with the President!» in one hand and a manuscript in the other. Strike letter. Do not have to enter into a confrontation with the existing regime, it is enough to nuzzle the reader in the challenges, but to do it correctly and on a global scale.

So Sergei Minayev (the one who wrote and sang «22 pritopa, 22 bootstrap») ‘ll never get it. Description flesh smell of the Moscow «Golden» parties not interested in the Commission, brought up on Dostoevsky, Salinger, Dickens, Cortazar and Shows (all four required reading, as «Primer»). But Thomas Mann for his «Buddenbrooks» received, because revealed in the novel is quite a painful process of destruction of the old bourgeois order and the human tragedy of that time. And he did it brilliantly. Here I would write Minaev about the middle class did it brilliantly – we would have been at least in the lists of candidates.

Or take the great Marquez, who was awarded the prize with the wording «For novels and stories in which fantasy and reality, somedays reflect the life and conflicts of the whole continent». That’s how we thought it was about family, and it was on the continent.

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