5 steps to learn how to kiss

how to learn to kiss

According to the results of studies of German physiologists, 66% of people turn their heads to the right when kissing so as not to face noses. However, the ability to kiss is much more than just avoid collisions noses and teeth. Kissing is a basic need for human intimacy. And children and grandparents, and old friends kiss on the cheek, loved kissing on the lips is a favorite way to show love, which is manifested in different cultures and religions. And that’s fine, friend.

Research suggests that couples at least two minutes a day break from it all, to kiss each other. If you focus on this moment, your girlfriend, your body contact, the kiss is similar to meditation. Kissing reduces the stress hormone levels and strengthens relationships. The happy couple much more time to spend on kisses and hugs.

1. Do not hurry

If you want your kiss was sensual, it’s important to treat it simple. Instead of having to lean into the language, start the kiss from soft touch to the lips without tongue. So you need to do several times until you feel that she wants more. Now slowly sneak tongue in her mouth and RUB my tongue her tongue. Take your time. Kiss her upper lip, then lower, and after some time the process will take you so that you will proceed to the languages.

2. Physical things

Let’s start with the posture. Obviously, your body needs to be close to each other, so you can kiss, but you can start with slightly longer distances, gradually drawing her towards him closer. When the situation starts to heat up, pull over to him stronger. Voice will also help to add passion. Even low moan during a kiss can make it much more erotic. Don’t forget about the hands: it is the difference between an average kiss and a great kiss. Slowly caress her body — her lower back, face, hair and shoulders. Everything she likes.

3. It’s all in the confidence

Sure a kiss is always more effective. Be ready: for this you need a fresh breath of faith that you can turn an ordinary moment into a special, sensitive, the most unforgettable moment. If she kisses you, it means she likes you, use it. Listen to your friend, you will be easy to understand what she wants, do it without a hint of embarrassment — that means confidence.

4. Diversity

When it comes to kissing, here, as in sex, it is important to be creative. You can gently bite her lower lip slightly draw in your upper mouth to kiss her ears or gently kiss her neck, kiss her lips to the left and to the right then gently, passionately. Mouth are very erotic, especially women’s mouth.

5. Life with kisses

Attitude towards kiss will change over time. Today men and women appreciate affection. A survey conducted among men aged 40 to 70 years, showed that those who embraced and kissed his wife were happy in their relationship. The same is true for women. Kissing is a barometer that determines the health of the relationship.

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