5 steps to attract a girl at the party

girls at the party

I love to go to parties where I almost never come back empty-handed. What else cool parties, so it’s all more or less know each other through mutual friends — usually at these events there are people, which can be found in the «recommended friends» Vkontakte. If at a party you go to meet a friend completely randomly, it will not immediately send you to hell: it is necessary at least to keep up appearances, because you have friends in common.

Now you’ve taken note of these moments and is ready for the knowledge that I’m going to invest in your head. So you’d be better to meet girls at parties, I guarantee it.

1. The spectacular appearance of the

Bright appearance might seem like a good move to attract the attention of the entire party to the person. This is a reasonable idea. Yes, it is necessary that all more or less noticed that you arrived at the party, it is.

How to achieve the desired effect? Start to chat and get to know as soon as cross the threshold. Remove the jacket to pour himself a drink, to rush to the toilet’t the loser options. Look around and pick a bunch of friendly people, with whom you can start a chat (or just a group of familiar people), but it is not necessary to join the company, consisting of ten cackling men.

How to start a conversation? Ask how they met with the landlord, their names and all sorts of similar issues that you normally discuss with strangers. This is even better. We need to find topics that will position you to each other. When you paznakomitsa with people, apologize and excommunicated for what you wanted to do at first (pour yourself a drink, visit toilet, etc.).

2. Feel the General mood

At every party a different mood, sometimes still diametrically different. The main thing is to discover how to set up the people around you. This can easily be achieved by starting a conversation where you pour yourself a drink.

Ask what people drink, paroni some probing questions like «isn’t this cool?» or «Oh, cool drinks!» Try to meet as many people and win them over. So you’re not only more socially active and relaxed, but also have a certain social recognition: everyone around will see that you have a mutual friend.

When you feel that already enough had enough time to look for friends.

3. Looking for friends

There are two ways. As I said earlier, when you’re at a party, you have hard bortanut. The way it is. Look around, notice who she hangs out with, and come to him. You’ve done a great job, when I felt the General mood: you might have already had a chance to talk with someone from her friends, and they will introduce you to her. Trust me, it works perfectly, even the subtle presence of you, cool dude, with these people are enough, they said, «Oh, Mary, let me introduce you to Sasha,» and it’s done.

Another option, if you for some reason did not like the first: you can just continue to get the other, and it works. It’s the club nobody notices you, and at a house party a girl has long noticed that you’re here and that you’re really cool, plus she’s already noticed that you talked to half the people at the party. At least for this reason she is willing to give you five minutes.

If this strategy works, you have two choices:

4. Get too close

You can approach two classical ways: a kiss and a phone number. Usually I don’t use the first method, plan some time to hang out, and this will agree, is quite reasonable.

If you would like to meet her again, and you have the desire to continue the fun at the party (with friends, new acquaintances, old friends) or go back home, the best choice is to take her phone number.

Parties to bond with the girls much easier, especially if you have a well constructed conversation. Just say, «you Know, I gotta go, but I’d like to see you again sometime, give me your number…» or something like that. Your speech should contain two things: a reason to care and a request to give you the number.

5. Sex

If you plan on coming or have enough nresultcols with friends, and are now seeking female arms, it’s time to begin to take steps in the direction of sex.

The only thing you can do is get him to want the same thing, the whole evening taking a great game. The better you communicate with her, the easier you communicate with all present at the party, the more successful you are in all things, which can be interested in the enclosed space of universal joy, the more likely you are to sleep with her.

Never forget about how important alcohol because he makes friends cheeky. And finally, if you feel that you need to retire, don’t be shy and offer her somewhere to go (you or her) — at worst, into another room to discuss this subject.»

So, personally, I love a party. I usually need no more than two approaches to get a room and sex in such circumstances — is not a problem. Of course, the same parties do not exist, but if you’re quite sociable and diligently acquainted with everyone, there are no problems you will not.