5 stages of unemployment

I once saw a movie, which talked about the five stages of grief or something. They appear in strict order, and when you learn about her own disease, when someone dies or some disaster. Unemployment is also a problem, and it also passes through these five stages.

1. Objections


You just quit or graduated from high school, you have no suggestions, but you may very well understand how talented you are and what invaluable skills have. You want to relax a bit to begin with, and then start looking for new work with renewed energy, rested. You plowed like an ox, you’re tired, work was shitty (that’s why you went), and you need to recover. The unemployment rate is not so high so you will certainly find a job within a couple days of searching. Someone will see you as a valuable employee, and you get the job. You can wallow in the pleasure.

2. Anger


You poudyal and for several weeks, tightly looking for a job. You start to go crazy. Why no one sees what you done? You know how to work with word and Power Point. Excel is not your love, but it is possible to pull — but that’s a whole program so no one needs! Need? It’s the secret government and Masonic conspiracy won’t let you get a job! You’re complaining at all: on the global economy, the President, on employers — but since you can’t call the Kremlin and speak to the person who is responsible for it, it’s whining listen to your loved ones, including parents, friends and sweet grandmother.

3. The agreement

You are so desperate to find a job that you start to give yourself different vows. «If I finally get a job, I’ll stop drinking». «If I get accepted, I will start to Wake up half an hour early and run». «If I get accepted, I immediately write on the examination and will spend his first salary: I have long time to a doctor.» You start to promise yourself something that long ago could not do. As if these promises will change something.

4. Depression


Are you looking for a job for several months — and there are no options. You sent your resume to dozens of job openings within the next fifty miles — and you don’t like it. No one loves you, and you seem to never find a job. You have looked all more or less decent series, and a stand-up show. Parents are tired, you don’t get out of the apartment and only do what eat their food and burn electricity. They may not think it, but yet you think that is what they have in their heads. The only thing that saves you is happiness and entertainment: Internet, movies, and alcohol, although alcohol you can’t afford: to ask mom for a bottle as it is a shame. This is the hardest stage, because sometimes you do all day lie in bed all day and have no reason to go into the shower.

5. The adoption

One day, you suddenly realize that unemployment is, in General, not so bad. Of course, you need to live with parents and depend on them, all without asking permission. But at least you don’t have to work from nine to six. You don’t get a lot of money, but you don’t what to spend money: buy food parents, for everything else they pay too. Of course, one day, someone will give you a job, but until then you’ll just live and have fun.

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