5 spooky places that science can’t explain

The credibility of scientific progress right now is huge. And this is understandable, if you look at what gave mankind science. If we do not understand something, we can always turn to people like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, Alexander Markov. Fully explored the world bereft of the romance of the unknown, but our world has not been studied 100%. We can still find creepy places on Earth that defy scientific understanding. However, the mystery of these places are not eternal.

1. The Valley Of Hessdalen, Norway

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_Pd0t5OooldaarFor many decades local residents of the valley live like in the episodes «Secret materials». Night after night strange lights appear in the sky, illuminating the surrounding area (the notorious «dancing lights») that blink in different colors. And it’s not just the divorce of local yokels students, experts (real scientists, not ufologists) have already confirmed that the lights – the real thing, although it is not known how they appear.

One theory suggests that the valley is subject to strong radiation. Radon is superimposed on the dust particles, and when they disintegrate in the atmosphere, it turns out this light. If this is true, this is bad news for residents. Radon is generally not very useful for humans and for other creatures too.

Other guys think that the cause of the lights in the rich deposits of copper on one side and zinc on the other. There is a prototype battery that manifests itself as flashes of sparks in the atmosphere.

The river that is close by and contains sulfuric acid, leached from the nearby sulfur deposits, to achieve this. Somehow, around the time of the Northern lights increases the activity of sulfuric acid, and the obtained charge.

Well, all can be easier: frighten unsuspecting tourists locals when it becomes very boring.

2. Sleep epidemic, Kazakhstan

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_dNcFMM3Cu5FPYThis is a strange and mysterious epidemic, which manifests itself in massive memory loss, hallucinations, fatigue, long unexpected bouts of narcolepsy – a story for another horror movie.

The last few years, hundreds of residents of Kalachi, regularly seek medical assistance unconsciousness. The problem has grown so much that the government evacuated the residents of the city. A leading hypothesis suggests that residents suffer from the effects of radiation poisoning, as the town is close to the uranium mine, which hardly meets all safety standards. But in this theory there is one big problem: there is a city that is located closest to the mine, but there all right.

Blood tests of the inhabitants were normal, which led to thoughts about the good old hysteria – the city’s reputation made itself known. Mass insanity or mysterious disease? It remains to be seen.

3. Fairy Circles, Namibia

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_2EIhOdmyrm8ySMysterious circles of the fairies» who live the full cycle of life, as if some living organisms. Their size – from two to 12 meters in diameter, and for a very long time these circles was considered the remnants of large termite mounds. But when they started to excavate, we found no other traces of insects, which cannot be avoided during the construction of the mound. The Himba tribe believes that the reason the dragon, who in his underground lair blows toxic bubbles to the surface. In General, the «life» of the circle is limited to 75 years, and here’s a little live only 24 years, old ones disappear and new ones appear. It is strange that they never intersect.

4. Noise Taos, USA

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_AMTFGKDLzKBxCIf you’re one of those people who can hear the hum of the TV or the buzz of electric wires, then you understand how it can slowly drive you crazy. For residents of Taos is a problem daily. Since the 1990s years, residents report a continuous, humming noise that permeates the city and makes citizens extremely nervous.

Such noise is often explained by the existence of nearby factories or airports. But the researchers were unable to find a coherent sound source in Taos for more than 20 years. There is a theory that the sound appears in the minds of the residents themselves, although it really can not explain.

5. Kettle of the Devil, USA


One of the most mysterious places on earth is located in Minnesota. Waterfall «Tea Devil» is interesting because it nourishes the river Brol separated into two streams. The right flow goes into the lake, and left to God knows where.

Researchers have been unable to figure out where is the direction. Although they were painting the water and even throwing balls for ping-pong, hoping to discover them in any place. But the water disappears without a trace. Imagine that some residents of the small village where this water comes, every day puzzling over the problem of uncontrolled appearance of balls for ping-pong.

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