5 soldiers who were much cooler than Rambo

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_251CCzCQiCEgbToday we a little deviate from the standard of our series «Heroes» will tell you about five of the coolest warriors that you hardly ever heard of. We were struck by the courage, fearlessness and resourcefulness of these guys, predpostavka possible death of cowardice and pusillanimity and fought to the end, even without weapons.

1. The corporal Tolosa and his pocket knife


Perhaps, in the state of El Salvador, located in Mexico, and now lives a man named Samuel Toloza, but this is clearly not one about which speech will go today. Our hero – corporal Samuel Toloza, who went to war in Iraq, not forgetting to take his favorite folding knife for good luck. The size of the bladed weapons was so small that if you want, you brought it on Board, and, most likely, its presence would provide you a feeling psychological security than physical. Pocket knife pretty boring spent his army life: he opened banks, has been trimmed beard, got food from the teeth – just as long as it was his finest hour.

The Iraqi military surrounded the corporal and his comrades in the service, ambushed. The forces were not equal in numbers of soldiers, and by the presence of weapons. Ammunition ended, the soldiers were seriously injured, one after the other. But Samuel Toloza not going to sit here in the shelter, having such an amazing pocket knife, so he bravely rushed him to race shots from an AK-47. And if, logically, you assume that this story has a sad ending, you are deeply mistaken. What was taken for good luck and that she had left the corporal. With that knife he killed two of the attackers and brought confusion in the enemy ranks. The delay was enough to come help, which equalized the force and saved the soldiers of corporal. Although, even if I didn’t come up with the help of Tolosa he would be all settled. With this knife!

2. Deppresed POON and his tripod


Powerful lethal weapons is good, but sometimes all you have from the military Arsenal, only for the tripod of the weapon and a talent for improvisation. Skillful use of these two things demonstrated Nepalese Gurkha depressed the Pun in the night of September 17, 2010 in Afghanistan. Deppresed was at his post when he saw dozens of armed enemy soldiers running to his stay point. POON spent the entire charge of the machine gun, managed to throw

17 grenades and even a mine, but the stubborn representatives of the Taliban continued to attack. A pessimist would lay on the ground, expecting certain death, the optimist would have waited for reinforcements from minute to minute, and POON grabbed a tripod for arms and rushed with her left armed soldiers and fought until reinforcements came. Later the soldier was presented an award for his courage and bravery.

3. Lee Stevens and his body


Action-action movies we used to see breathtaking tricks on the verge of fantasy, performed the stunt for the big money. Unfortunately, on the battlefield no one will give you the chance to reshoot the shot, and soldiers have to rely only on their skill, calculation and luck. This is what staked the ordinary Or Stevens, who together with his comrades in the service were chasing a dangerous terrorist-bomber. Stevens asked his comrades to cover him with bullets, and he, having no weapon, he used his body as a Cannonball, jumping out of the armored truck and knocked the criminal off his bike. The criminal was disarmed and humiliated, and modestly commented as follows: «I Hope my friends would do the same, saving me.»

4. Two men and a fistfight on the field of battle


In the heyday of the era of the Gatling gun and the height of the Civil war in America, it is difficult to imagine an absurd situation fist fight in the middle of gunfire and explosions. Nevertheless, a similar case took place to be when the representatives of two hostile camps from the Yankees and the confederates did not share a slit trench during the battle of the Wilderness. The only logical way to determine who gets captured and is a safe place, was the old-fashioned method of Boxing. And while two elected soldiers enthusiastically kneaded each other, other soldiers stopped firing and stared, entranced at this amazing action. In the end, the Yankees won, and about how there was the fate of those fighters, history is silent.

5. Anthony and his shovel


The feat of this guy as incredible as its name. Anthony Kaho hanohano fought during the Korean war, trying to stop North Korea in the desire to become just Korea. His wounded comrades hastily retreated under the onslaught of the enemy, and Kaho hanohano decided to give comrades in arms, determined to hold an entire army of armed soldiers. First he did it using traditional methods from the «in each hand on the gun», but soon, when the cartridges run out, all that was left in Anthony is the spade with which he dug trenches…

The world will never know exactly what happened on that fateful day, but when the American troops returned to the battlefield to assess the situation, they found the body of Tony, compresses a blood-stained shovel, and around – the bodies of 13 men, which he had beaten to death before he received fatal bullet wounds.

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