5 smartphones for every budget

The day will come when smartphones with voice control and virtual screen will be implanted in our hands for reaching adulthood, and our descendants will laugh at the fact that we had to take in hand (!) this thing and control it with your fingers. But now these gadgets are able to greatly simplify our lives — the only question is price and features. Today we decided to pay attention to domestic producers and selected the best representatives of different categories of the brand Highscreen, knowing what are their advantages.

1. Its Easy F Orange

The most inexpensive model of the series — 3 990 rubles — works on Android 5.1 and is equipped with all the necessary characteristics, like GPS, proximity sensor and G-sensor. Differences from the more expensive versions are quite obvious. First, the battery — 1700 mAh, RAM 512 MB with built-in 4 GB. You can also insert a flash card MicroSD up to 32 GB. Camera with flash is also not enough stars in the sky and only offers 2.0 MP (optional — generally only 0.3) — selfie with such indicators it is better not to do to not be afraid.

The screen diagonal of 4.5 inches can show only 480*854 pixels, TN screen has in mind is not the best color representation is due to the video processor Mali-400, which is inferior to many analogues. 4-core processor MediaTek mind that too many applications it is better not to install, but the 2 slots for sim-cards will allow you to use your smartphone all 200% as a means of mobile communication.

Objective: what is the veil, so is the price,» — said in Russia. Here are a few possibilities, and this smartphone is suitable as a temporary analogue lost or the gift of her grandmother/mother/mother-in-law.

2. Moreover, Easy’s Black

The easiest smartphone from our Assembly, although the toppings are not. It is thinner but longer, and functional standards were added to the light sensor. The battery seems also had to weight the gadget — 2200 mAh has increased, but RAM and internal memory has increased in 2 times. Another advantage: the camera is increased to 5.0 MP and 2.0, so photos from your phone you can put on the wall, do not hesitate.But the main advantage here is Android 6-th version, which provides for customization of the gadget for themselves, the best work with files and better performance. As for the screen — it’s bigger as much as 5 inches in diagonal. And technology IPN successfully makes the TN for all the parameters: colors are brighter and more fun, and 720p video is really watchable. The rest of the indicators have not changed: the same processor, the same indicators communication 5 990 rubles.

Objectively: virtually perfect balance of cost and quality. Unfortunately, there is no yellow color, and we are very hopeful.

3. Moreover, Pure Power Blue

From the main add-ons: OTG. This thing is a conductor and allows you to connect a smartphone with USB flash drive, printer and other devices thanks to the USB port on the other end. Maybe because of this, the gadget became the heaviest and fattest in our collection, and perhaps, due to advanced capabilities and improved internal components. Immediately add a little bit of tar: the battery here though 8000 mAh (3.6 times more powerful than the previous), and lithium ion, not lithium polymer, but it does not save us from the tribulation — because it is not removable. For any geek such a fact like death, so not everyone will approve of a «chip».

To make amends for this drawback is hard and even the ability to insert a standard SIM card instead of the Mini far outweighs the bowl. Moreover, all other features and functions here are the same ones, Android version 5.1, and the price is much higher — 7 490 rubles. Let’s say: the power of the smartphone will last for a week of Autonomous existence. In the era of mega-cool, but quickly went out of phones, is a very useful advantage.

Objectively: Apple products are nervously smokes on the sidelines with his couple of thousand mAh even in its sixth edition. In fact, Pure Power with that type of smartphone that was bought for a very long time without worrying about when to take new ones.

4. Highscreen Power Five EVO Gray

So will not get lost, because apart from GPS this kid is focused and the Russian GLONASS is much better than when the smartphone receives the signals of only one system, because the accuracy of the positioning error increases to only 3-5 meters. Power Five is pretty slim, but its display without taking into account the IPN made and advanced technology OnCell — integrated touch layer on the top protective layer of the screen, not underneath it. This increases the energy efficiency of the display color quality.Alas, the problem of «enclosing» of the battery remained, and still accounts, he is not happy — only 5000 AMD. Of course, the figure is also good, because the smartphone will work 3 days, but then again, «polymers», and the SIM card slot allows you to insert only Mini. However, this specimen boasts a doubled memory and has the flash card of 128 GB. Good news for fans to shoot: autofocus camera with 13.0 MP issues, and the second 5.0. The screen is not made of polymer glass, but with «dragon» in a nutshell, stronger and lighter. Finally, the 8-core processor and improved «vidyuhi». What else is needed for happiness 11 990 rubles?

Objectively: even with a less powerful battery smartphone manages to compete with the analogues and even surpass them. However, could allow for «smenka» — the task is not too difficult.

5. Highscreen Boost 3 SE Black

Ever we ask, why do we need two batteries for your phone, but not today. In General, the use of such «superpowers» is obvious — more features, smaller brakes and a longer lifespan. First, you can insert any of the two — 3110 or 6900 mAh. Second, of course, more, so it rests under the other cover, which increases the size of a smartphone. That is, after the death of the battery you just insert another — together they give a week and a half offline. Great for long trips with no plugs in the way.

It seems that after such advanced features can be improved, but no — there are still benefits. Returned 6 Men, and with it the screen in FullHD resolution at 1080p resolution and a diagonal of 5 inches. And that is a miracle not to damage, manufacturers have used the technology of Gorilla Glass, world famous for its incredibly strong glass for smartphones. Officially not yet announced the price, but a rough estimate it will reach 16 990 rubles.

Objectively: and again we go back to the first thought — «what is the veil, so is the price.» Not cheap, but deservedly so, although someone can seem like such a great opportunity. But as we have explained, this smartphone is more suitable for travelers or those who suffer from delusions of grandeur, and he needs the most. Anyway, nothing to complain about.

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