5 situations when the grill is simply necessary

Any trip out of town, staying with friends or romantic evening with your loved ones it is impossible to imagine without good and tasty food. Especially if you’re a guy, and cooking for his girlfriend. Trust me, they love it. But this is not the only situation when you need to show off their culinary skills. The easiest way to be different is the grills. It does not require in-depth knowledge of cooking, and the dishes come out very juicy and tasty. Let’s see in what situations you need a real grill.

1. Picnic

The most common occupation when leaving with your friends on nature, cooking outdoors. Barbecue, baked potatoes and vegetables — all the classic signs of a good holiday. In recent years it has become fashionable to take a convenient trip grill and fry all kinds of sausage, and fruit. It is not so much fashionable, how convenient. While preparing the main meal, often a barbecue on the coals, you will be able to win over a large part of the company, roast sausages and giving them to everyone. A matter of minutes, and emotions throughout the day.

For this event you need a small and compact grill that easily and quickly can be put anywhere, whether it be the mouth of the river or a small clearing. He also should have little weight, and easily transported to any participant of the event could prepare food on it. Even a fragile girl could easily get the grill and prepare it the coveted sausage. This is the charcoal grill Weber Smokey Joe Premium. He fits all of these criteria and will cope with their responsibilities main character of the picnic.

2. The fishing trip

To go fishing just to catch fish? Are you serious? How can you imagine a fishing trip without delicious food and an appetizer to her. We usually go there to catch fish and make for an incredibly delicious soup on the fire, but why not think about our idea. It is to pick up a portable grill for trips on fishing and to make very delicious fish. If you’re tired of classic dishes that end up on the same proverbial ear, the grill you just need.

Experienced fishermen are already accustomed to portable gas stoves, camping stoves or kerosene stoves. But time does not stand still and time to move on to gas grills. Despite the fact that nature is pretty hard to take a full grill, we found a good option. This model is called Q-1200 and is a cross between a stationary and a mobile camera. For the harsh male company this is exactly as it is and cast iron and high-quality welds that will not fail not fishing, not hunting.

3. Dinner on the balcony


To use the grill in the apartment of course not very secure, but if you pick up a very important model and properly position it on your balcony, you can organize a real area of delicious food. All your friends will come visit you more often than usual, because you will love your steaks and roasted vegetables. It’s like the area for living in the noisy and stone town. Just imagine what activities can be arranged, just bought a new grill home. Every romantic dinner with his girlfriend you can cook yourself, which certainly will not go unnoticed. Gatherings with friends will be much richer and more fun. A simple Breakfast can turn into a dozen delicious toast, drenched in Sunny honey. A dream that is so easy to implement!

Unlike the two previous situations, where Greeley is not involved in electricity, prepared on the balcony, you can take advantage of modern privileges. Electric grill Weber Q-1400 combines a hip modern design and all the items safe usage, which not only does not hurt when cooking on the balcony, but also vital in this situation. Be careful, and before you put a grill on your balcony, plan everything in advance.

4. The party at the cottage


Party at the cottage with friends is really cool! With one condition of course. If the cottage is not yours. Otherwise the defeat after such nights will have to disassemble it to you, after all as always the session in the morning, work to do. We have seen enough American teen movies, and now feel obliged to jump in the pool with the roof or to dilute the punch visokogradnja the mixture. But remember them in detail. Each such party is required to have the guy who stands around the grill and cooks hot dogs, hamburgers and fries almost all day long. And now imagine that this guy will be you, and all the attention will be directed only at you, because everyone loves to eat. And the attention of your crazy friends and lovely strangers, it is not clear as it appeared at that event.

For gatherings in the country it is important that the grill was able to accomplish any culinary task, whether it’s a regular Burger or a mountain of juicy steak. This is a charcoal barbecue grill Weber Master-Touch GBS. It can be used to cook almost anything. The grille here has a removable Central part, is where you can set the pan and other accessories, designed specifically for this grill. This model also is a real boon for all fans of cooking on the coals!

5. Family holiday

What is the family feast is complete without delicious food and talk about what recipes we used? Friends moms always asking for the recipe of some dishes, but my friends dad is constantly talking about what’s best barbecue anything you can imagine. Imagine everyone’s surprise when during the celebration of the anniversary of your grandmother, everyone will know that dinner was cooked on a quality grill. Because every grill is unique and serves it should be such a variety.

For such family duties will be very useful to put in the yard of one of the functional grills. For example, the Weber Spirit S-320 Premium GBS. It is perfectly cope with any amount of cooking, no matter how big the company is going at your house. And the debates will cause everyone a lot of pleasant emotions, because looks style and quality, and serves its purpose by five points.

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