5 simple things that you are doing wrong every bad cook

I would not believe, man, you never cook scrambled eggs more difficult. If so, then good luck to you in life, it’s a sad story. Honest attempts dudes to prepare meals worthy of respect, even if they are not no good end. Fortunately, the result of these efforts can be influenced, and we are going to learn this.

Yes, I was a terrible cook. However, life has forced me to learn how to cook, and now I know slightly more than nothing. And will gladly help you and share their knowledge. So what are we doing wrong?

1. Cutting meat right after cooking it

how to cook meat

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You’re half an hour conjured over the meal and now your stomach is no longer able to wait. He screams and demands food! Smells so delicious, and you can’t control yourself, just like any puppy, which asks him to throw the ball. And here you get the meat from the oven, and it is, thank eggs, finally gotovilos. You stabbed him with a knife, the juice is clear, meat is delicious. But when you take a bite, it seems to you hard.

What the hell the meat was so dry, if you just saw with your own eyes how out of it emerged a little pint of juice? The problem is: these pint of juice flowed out and now they are on the pan, not the meat. You didn’t let the meat «rest» before cutting it, and here is the result.

Why this is a bad idea

You thought that the food do not eat from the cooking, just because she needs to cool down? You have not burned your tongue. This is what you give. There is a reason more serious: when the food is heated in the cooking process, the juices inside her start to boil. And so is cooking: the cells of the meat heats up, the juices are squeezed out and boil. And when you get the pan out of the oven, I see that it was melted fat.

After you got the meat, it still continues for a few minutes to prepare. The residual heat inside the food neytralizuya more cool air from the outside and the boiling gradually subsides. The meat is cooled from the outside by about ten degrees, when a little stand up after you take it out of the oven. This is important because the meat is resting, the process of balancing reaches a peak, and then the dish as a whole is cooled, the tension inside the cells of cooked meat decreases, and the cells re-absorb the juices out during cooking.

If you slice into the meat, giving him the opportunity to rest and re-absorb moisture, juice, unavoidably spilled, and the meat will be drier than if you’d waited five minutes. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least 15-20 minutes after taking it out from the oven: it will absorb moisture and is warm but not scalding hot. The pieces are smaller enough and ten minutes.

2. Cook everything on high heat

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Perhaps it is a mistake made in the kitchen most often. I even think that it would be wise to make a compulsory element of kitchen design gigantic inscription: «it is Not necessary to smoke your food». Yes, I understand that you’re very hungry and you have 15 minutes before the moment that will load the next series of any show. And you’re really looking forward to, finally sit down at the table, will include a movie and going to enjoy the moment. How to speed up the cooking process? Unscrew the temperature on high, of course! Fire is your friend, the fire will not betray. As it is not so.

Why this is a bad idea

The reason newpage twisting temperature to the maximum is simple: from her food really looks more ready. A couple of minutes of cooking chicken at high temperatures — and here it is covered with a Golden crust, as in any restaurant. But if you will bite it, then you literally will be shed someone’s blood.

The fact that most of the food, if it is not cut into thin pieces, you need to prepare to a greater extent outside than inside. The trick is that it looks and so quickly cooked, but the inside may remain raw. So hold your horses, otherwise you are waiting for the deplorable result: burnt outside and raw inside food. The vast majority of products are best to cook on medium heat, because the lower the temperature, the more you control the process. So the food is prepared slowly, but thoroughly, the products are heated evenly.

Another point: have you ever stood after cooking, scrape the pan a few hours and curse everything? If so, then I am sure you cooked at very high temperatures, and poured into a pan a little oil or added water.

There is already a matter of practice. Without errors can not do, but it is important to know in which direction to work.

3. Not knowing your pans


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The pot is a pot. Simple thing. Just a vessel for eating, ass heated by the burner. Throw all the ingredients inside, and let that bitch cook!

Why this is a bad idea

I’m not going to lecture you on «what is needed is some pot», but I want to convey to you one simple idea: there’s a good reason why people still don’t fry eggs in the kettle. So, some pots are made for specific purposes, but just to climb into the jungle is suicide, this is for professional chefs. But still normal the chef is unable to only use one saucepan and one frying pan. Different goals — different dishes.

Is the griddle pancake, there is a casserole, cast iron and Teflon pans and they are used for different purposes. And so, in different pots of different thickness and shape is not in vain.

Same thing with size. You can’t cook pasta in the usual place fried pancakes, they are very different dishes. You need a pan bigger and smaller to make your food taste different from the shit. In addition, if you constantly do everything in the same pan, it will quickly become worthless: scratched, burned or Satan knows what else. At least two frying pans, man.

The last word: texture matters. It’s a question about Teflon and cast iron pans. If you think that the texture does not depend on, imagine that your favorite food is in the form of jelly. The taste is the same, but only jelly. You still deny the importance of the texture?

4. Overdo it with the seasonings


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«Dude, I’ve watched enough cooking shows and realized that the secret is in the seasoning. I need a lot of seasoning, a lot of different spices. Here in this delicious KFC chicken, because they use 11 different spices. So it creates a unique taste and aroma.»

Well, for starters, you do not know what they put in KFC. Secondly… you can spoil everything!

Why this is a bad idea

First, all of us in the Cabinet has just salt, pepper and garlic salt or some kind of «Vegeta». And that’s enough. But then something in the brain overlaps, and we begin desperately to buy spices, believing that moved on to a new level. But it only seems so.

So, in some of the dishes really need to put a lot of spices. For example, in Indian cuisine. And other food is a little worse: there’s just meat with Yam is not as interesting as competently seasoned meat with Yam. And the broth must also be a broth rather than water, which swim different vegetables. But focus should still be on the ingredients. Seasoning is only accent the final chord.

When looking for recipes online, there is often something pickled, especially when dealing with meat. This makes me worry. I have nothing against pickles, they are excellent, if properly cooked. But if you just shove them in six different spices and a liter of vinegar, it is hardly possible to speak about positive results. So once you have decided to look for recipes on the Internet, a focus on known names. Advice from John DOE could ruin everything.

And another point: sometimes it happens that a softly pronounced taste much, much better bright. Usually this sin grandmother put a lot of salt and pepper (under the old taste buds are not the same) and believe that it is high. But you are not Santa! Trust me: pasta with olive oil, garlic and Basil tastes much better than pasta with a heavy sauce, garlic, Basil and tomatoes, and even cheese. Just because there is one suppresses another.

5. To do too much manipulation


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You cook for too long and troublesome. Does this sound familiar? You throw everything in the oven, and now you would have to go. But you can’t just up and leave. You conjure up close, something you pour, pour and stir, just not burnt. Hell.

Why this is a bad idea

You know why I like basketball? One of the reasons is to watch the pass and intercept the sword. As they masterfully calculate the strength and trajectory of the throw? As you know, where the ball is going to come in the next second? Logically, players do not graduate physics, they’re just a lot of time playing, and it has become a kind of instinct.

A similar thing can be said about cooking. You can hear how the sound of frying fish when the skin it reaches the desired hardness. You will learn to understand that the chicken is overcooking, as the meat behind the bones. Without a timer and without additional discoveries of the oven you can tell how much time you have to cook the cake just by the smell. Until you reach that level of skill, just like basketball, you have to learn the basics and not to deviate from them.

If the recipe says to roast the steak on each side for five minutes, do it and keep the damn steak in five minutes to see how they’re doing! Every time you do that you increase the cooking time. And there are already only a matter of intuition, or event.

Or did you overdo the chicken in the oven and it stuck to the pan, despite the fact that you have it properly lubed? Or pulled too much during cooking? If you’re long enough to keep Kuru in the oven, it will mytopics more fat, and this is no problem.

Just the distance from the food. Let the ready. No need to go into the other room. Stay close and listen there. The sounds will vary, and knowing them, you can then better to understand all this. Pay attention to odors. When they be delicious, be especially careful. All will come with experience. Just please be patient.