5 simple rules to make travel plans become a reality

Hold.kom.ua_30.07.2015_kkM2pLsWS7K6bProblem any trip to another country, no matter what budget she had, always is one – is to neglect your wishes. What do we mean? As is often the case that in the beginning of the year did you set any goal in mind: to go finally in Goa until the summer? A couple of days you’ve forgotten about your promise, although in my head flew the idea that you’re this year going to go somewhere. But you have not asked any planning or calculations, and in the end when reminiscing about the trip that you wanted to do, it was too late. There was neither money nor time to find them. What is it called? The problem with the management and coordination of its time.

Edition manygoodtips.com shares with you simple rules that will help you to collect the necessary sum for the trip that you planned long ago but never implemented. Of course, we believe that each of our reader’s budget is different, but focusing on the real and not written by the average salary in Russia, we assume that the list will be very useful.

1. Get a wallet

You can start a Bank account specifically for this case or a card. You can even take an ordinary piggy Bank, but it is better the Bank. When the money is on the map, there is at least some distance between you and the expenses. When the money is on the table, this distance is not. On any Friday can spend on alcohol or going to the restaurant, thinking: «hell, then, fill!»

You must be the account to which you made a taboo.

2. Show your budget

Do an analysis of their expenses. Compare them with the salary that you received from a generous head. Try to find things (no matter how much they cost), where you can save. No need to eat ramen noodles to save each rouble. Simply exclude those costs that are really not needed. A sample of the second Burger in Burger king, which you have ordered, thinking that famished, but in the end its not going to, or a third of a pack of cigarettes a day – you don’t need him, man. And if you quit Smoking, the necessary sum will gather up much faster and will be healthier. Better those paltry sum to defer to the map. Believe me, after a few months, gather some decent money.

3. Typically 10%

You’ve probably heard about it. The best rule of 15-20%, if the salary allows. Just lay the money on the card, which is designed for travel. This is a serious step and it needs to be done to have you accurately perceived their trip seriously.

4. Planning

But it is perhaps most important from the list. Before everything else, you have to assess the situation on the market of tourist travels, to decide on your journey. You just want to roll a manatee on the shores of the red sea, or you’re a man who is eager to study the culture of India and maybe you like extreme and soul to go to Haiti to witness the bloody rites that fucking voodoo priests?

For each type of trip needed its own training, moreover, each country must be approached individually. You need to know the country before you got there. So you will be able to save money within the country, and to prepare for possible difficulties.

5. It

You learn English in the end! Viable for any country to somehow communicate with people. It is advisable to explore a couple of dozen common phrases of the country where you’re going. It’s just a sign of good taste at least. It can also save your money before you travel, so you will have to wait for less cost. What is the way? Well, we’re hardly open our eyes, if we say that about cheap accommodation or best price of products far better to ask the locals. After all, you can contact one of these local dudes and ask him all the details. But we doubt that this guy will be a carrier of the Russian language. Although such things happen.


The main obstacle in any journey is you. It is necessary to disarm their opponents in their own habits and to exercise some will power. Plan, view your opportunities, think with your head, and even with a relatively small salary is can go to the other end of the world. You have a good rest of the summer, man!

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