5 simple cocktails

Variety of cocktails striking: there are dozens of drinks for a hangover, there are thousands of varieties of liquor to noisy parties, and there are hundreds of drinks that are needed only for a single pleasure, close to the aesthetics.

Bar culture has spawned many rituals that improve drinking to incredible heights. Today, you can of course plump for the old way, but we recommend you to feel the culture of drinking. Will help you with that 5 cocktails, each designed for a particular case. About them will tell.

1. German dawn


The day begins with the morning light, and morning light is often synonymous with a hangover for anyone who likes to drink a little too much. Then will be useful to our remarkable cocktail that will help you to meet the dawn with head unharmed. The classic combination of beer and tomato juice.


– egg yolk;

– 100 ml of tomato juice;

– 100 ml of light beer.


1. Whip the yolk.

2. Pour a glass of juice.

3. Then gently pour in the beaten egg yolk.

4. And finish the song beer. Here you will come in handy cocktail spoon pour on it.

5. The drink should be three-ply. Tastes like «Red Eye».

2. Tea with wine


But if a headache, the morning is better to start with a good Cup of tea. manygoodtips.com loved hot alcoholic drinks, but he forgot about the simplest recipe that perfectly heals, warms and energizes the day. To drink at Breakfast a portion – and you can already move mountains. Make one big mug.


– black tea;

a third mug of red wine;

– if the wine is dry, a teaspoon of sugar;

– a little cinnamon;

– a couple of clove buds.


1. Brew black tea. Try to find quality that does not consist of tea dust.

2. Pour the tea in the mug, covering 2/3 of the area.

3. Add sugar if the wine is savory and cloves and a pinch of cinnamon.

4. Pour on top of the wine (to warm it up is not necessary, otherwise the alcohol will evaporate).

3. French 75


If you want to buy a girl, so much so that she enjoyed the food and sunk into the soul, make her this cocktail. It is delicate, pleasant taste and easy to prepare.


– 90 ml champagne;

– 15 ml lemon juice;

20 ml sugar syrup;

– 30 ml gin;

– lemon zest;

– maraschino cherry;



1. Pour into a shaker lemon juice, sugar syrup, gin.

2. Add ice and whisk well.

3. Pour the cocktail through a strainer into chilled Martini glass.

4. Topped up our alcohol composition of champagne, stirring the cocktail with a spoon.

5. Decorate with lemon zest and cherries.

If you want to make cocktails on a regular basis, then you definitely need to furnish your own home bar. You can start with simple: various types of glasses, pipettes for wine, coasters for wine bottles. All that you can purchase in the store Kitchen Store. There are also a great set for cocktails, which includes a convenient and versatile shaker.

4. Hulk


But sometimes you just want to drink to getting through, and the brain was struck by a storm of various explosions, lightning, fire. Cocktails need to be careful, especially those that involve differences of degree. But the Hulk we recommend you.


– 25 ml green Chartreuse (a hell of a thing);

25 ml Irish cream.


1. Pour a pile of Irish cream.

2. Using a cocktail spoon add cream green Chartreuse.

3. All! Drink is a two-miracle and enjoy life.

5. Tennessee coffee cap


Cocktail for a long and hot day. And for the lazy you, of course. You can drink and drink, not particularly caring about the time and what you have to do a lot. Just take it easy with this drink. Classic.


– 60 ml Bourbon;

10 ml coffee liqueur;

– 25 ml sugar syrup;

– 25 ml egg white;

– 30 ml lemon juice;

– orange peel (a little);

and lots of ice.


1. Taking a healthy mug, but rather a Cup, and fill it with ice to the brim.

2. Shaker filled with protein, lemon juice, sugar syrup, liqueur and Bourbon.

3. Do not forget to download the shaker with ice and then vigorously whisking.

4. Pour the drink through a strainer into the Cup and decorate with orange zest.

Have a nice weekend!

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