5 signs that you’re not as smart as you think you


With this in mind, it is not easy to accept, but the way it is: often we overestimate ourselves. All the signs are there, if you formed the eyes and you’re ready to see them. Haven’t you ever thought, «I’m too smart to…» and not break off after that? Don’t worry, it’s quite a common mistake: we all once so wrong, and the result is life to all gives in the ass. If you do something wrong and you have the chance to work on them. For example, five signs that you’re not as clever as you think. If you behave, there’s a possibility that you will arrive. And you will start to feel happier: the happiness of the mind, friend!

1. No success at work

Opinions are subjective, everyone has their own parameters of beauty, interestingness and humor. And here are the results, performance and salary is an objective thing, this is not to argue. Smart people convert their brains in professional success. If you’re thirty five and you consider yourself a nerd, and he lived with his parents, you’re probably not as smart as you think. Smart people find a way to make money.

2. You are always in the center of the conflict

Smart, truly smart people do not spend every spare second in the disputes, conflicts and debates. You have to prove his innocence at the expense of colleagues, friends, family members and generally most of the people around you? This quality is rarely inherent to the really smart people. This trait is similar to the flashing neon sign over your head: «You’re not as smart as used to think». Avoid unnecessary conflict and guide this energy in a positive way, and improve your character. Here it will mean that you’re getting smarter.

3. You always carry something too busy

You’re always at odds with the times and constantly move from one local crisis to another? Properly managed time and energy is a skill that smart people learn quickly, and then it really helps them in life, minimizes stress, and makes you wonder less intelligent people like you all the time. Ask yourself if you’re so smart, why do you always rush like mad and fussing like a mother hen? Of course, sometimes you have to work harder, stricter deadlines, it is an inevitable aspects of professional activities or household chores. But when you’re constantly under time pressure, this is a nightmare. Smart people know that it is impossible to live with, and correctly allocate their time.

4. Are you talking more than listening

What do you think, being next to the dude who says not plugging and barely manages to take a breath? It’s like comic-losers, Intrusive salesmen, or school nerds, nerds — not the most pleasant people. Of course, smart people understand that excessive talkativeness is not their graces, but only takes away time and energy; which is much more useful to listen than to speak. Who you are often loquacious narrator or an active listener? Your answer says a lot about you. Listen more and talk less.

5. You can’t boast a long list of books read

And it’s not just the length of this list, but in quality. Probably the most common and well known trait of smart people is a love of reading. Truly intelligent reader of serious literature and not entertaining fiction. Reading is a very important tool of self-education and development, it really pumps the brain. If you think you’re smart, and himself in his spare time sit in front of the TV or waste time in vain, reading cheap mystery novels, something in your life obviously need to be changed. A few hours of serious reading before going to sleep can raise the level of intelligence and develop their creativity. A few hours is such a terrible expression, don’t take it too literally. Let this be one hour. Seriously, friend, you should develop this habit will be repaid with interest.