5 signs that you’re getting old

The man, who-who, and I’m not going to lie to you. One day you’ll grow old and become grandparents. He did not know it, it will happen. You live happily ever after and think «I’m still young. I can still enjoy those few things that only young». And then one day you Wake up and are faced with a terrible reality: people no longer think you’re awesome … and you’re already dad! Nobody will warn you of this. Well, except for these signs.

1. Slang annoys you


When you’re young…

You’re constantly learning new words. Moreover, it is not necessarily some kind of slang, no, just new words that you didn’t use it. It’s just a sign that you are developing. In this constant expansion of vocabulary in slang is like another sex scene in «Game of thrones». They don’t seem out of place, it’s just a word you just never heard or used.

The first bell

Did we mention that you learn all the words without stopping, but once it did happen. And when you hear the next word, you will not be able with certainty to tell the truth whether it exists or are you just kidding, talking to you like an idiot. For example, when I hear the word «chesotka», I honestly don’t know who can be called a shirt. But I googled — write the truth.

I understand that mad makes no sense. It’s just words, and when they do not offend anyone, it is foolish to react to them aggressively. But I think that this is the first bell. The fact that I’m responding to what young people just skips by ear, and I, as a grandfather, I think, «Well, how is he saying?!»

2. It becomes difficult to choose the clothes


When you’re young, your clothes is you. When I was 16, I listened to grunge and swore that I do wonder what I look like. But if someone is smart enough to predujice me a nice neat clothes or regular sweat pants, nothing good I wouldn’t tell him. The point is that each of us has certain limits beyond which we do not go — when it comes to clothes.

When you’re younger, you can afford to wear almost anything, because society tolerates experimentation of youth: suppose, say, Express themselves. This applies, for example, heart emo hairstyles, which look like they’re galloping on a horse against the wind all day. Well, laugh, but won’t step up and seriously get to comb and cut. If you’re not a complete fool — so do they.

First bell:

One day I went shopping and saw a cool shirt. She was good in all respects, suited to me and perfect for me to sat. I have wanted to buy it, but then noticed that it was sold in Department for teenagers — and from that age I had long since left. So my shopping trip, of course, turned into a soul-searching.

Of course, I haven’t turned gray and wrinkled. I don’t have that old man’s belly. But still a teenager I did not like. Look like a grown man. And I well imagine the reactions of others to adults who dress like teenagers: it can be anything from grief to ridicule. But in any case not approval. No one wants to look like molodyaschiysya man, it’s no good.

Well, the strangest part. And what is «dress for the age»? I seriously even looked it up in the dictionary, because it is not a very good idea of what we do. I understand it’s something like samorodina. To dress modestly. Less rebellion, less attention, just go model — less. Don’t get me wrong: I still dress how you want, but for the first time, do it with caution. But I think if I look in a Fedora like the old Justin Bibber and all that stuff — a dubious pleasure at all.

3. Technology no longer seem useful to you


When you’re young…

When you’re young, you don’t sit and delve into how to construct your cell phone. Just texting friends like, «You goof». And when your cell phone becomes obsolete, you move onto the new and abandon the old, as happens in General with all aspects of material life. How many people are using Livejournal after there was a Twitter? I think much less.

And we move to new technologies because it’s something the fashion brands that change so quickly: first, it is very fashionable, and then becomes a habit and gradually eroding. So in his youth to easily learn new software releases, leaving only those that are really useful, and getting rid of old junk.

The first bell

When you reach a certain age, the novelty ceases to be important. It’s all about utility and convenience, because you’re very busy and you don’t have time to learn new programs if this does not depend on your salary. For this reason, I use my smartphone only to make calls, write SMS and from time to time to take pictures. 90% of its functions remained a mystery to me.

For the same reason I don’t use Vine is a thing of the type of Instagram, it only takes 6-second videos. By default, it is disabled the sound and video seem to me to be just gifs. And when you turn on the sound, this stuff turns into a GIF with sound. Well, what’s the catch? Or the same Coube with these repetitive videos — I repeat, what’s the catch?

So I know how to use a computer. But even despite this I don’t understand why people spend hours stuck Vkontakte and always something to post there and change the mate label. I do not see the difference between Tumblr, Flickr and all that — well, why so much crap? Still everywhere to post pictures, short texts — well, everything.

4. You don’t see the point in arguing


When you’re young…

Part of self — determination is a riot. And the best part of this rebellion is to resist social norms and actively deal with them. They say the hair needs to be long, and you grow longer. Saying you have to wear these pants, and you op! and wear a kilt. When you can’t act, you talk. You deliberately run up to the dispute: politics, religion, legalization of drugs — and about anything.

The first bell

You’ve finally reached an age where you don’t want to argue. There is nothing new. None of what you say, makes you worry and deny you all understand and don’t want to explain anything. All these disputes does not end there, no one is convinced — and why to get involved in it?

When you reach a certain age, you realize you’ve heard all these arguments a hundred times from different people. You know what you have to say. And you will reach that age much faster than you think. Especially if you often go there like to discuss anything.

5. Entertainment not surprise you


When you’re young…

«The sixth sense» is the best movie I have ever seen. Not because of the content, but because the ending turned it into perfection, an era of cinematography. It is matchless. The same I can say about «Fight club.» Watch it was fun, and its meaning was innovative for its time.

The unpredictability of the entertainment did amazing when you were younger. Often the best jokes are the ones that have a surprise ending. Horror film scary, because you never know what will jump out from behind the next corner. And I almost shit myself when I watched «a Nightmare on elm street» — at least the first two parts.

The first bell

Nothing more you are not surprised. You know what will happen in the film, every following moment. Of course, it just depends on the cultural baggage of erudition and nastranost. Just now you know more, studied the basic story lines, familiar with the classics of literature and cinema. By the way, did you know that the basis of all stories lies just 12 stories? Not so much, is it?

But don’t let that scare you, man. To grow up normally. I’m not shielding you, don’t think. When you’re prepared, you can to use it correctly. Aldovae are too steep bro.

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