5 signs that it’s time for you to leave

pair poverilaca

Perhaps you have heard stories of when the guy was with some absolutely terrible friend over, maybe even several years, until it had ruined his life. Or perhaps you have bro, which things with his girlfriend are strange: they are more like neighbours than people in relationships. It’s clear that these people need to leave — it’s obvious to everyone except the couple. But it may so happen that the guy is you. How did this happen? First and foremost the fact that it is difficult to leave a beloved woman. People who are too invested in the relationship, do not like their finish. Another case could be that you’re too close to the problem to see her: as they say, face-to-face person can not see. Here’s five signs that it’s over. Well, it would be better to end it.

1. You have no future

Do not lie to you even for a minute wonder what would happen if you two get married. Of course, there is no need to discuss plans for the future, there’s a logical reason: when you stop worrying about the future, your relationships in the present are functioning much better. But absolutely do not forget about your future life. How do you know that she still wants a relationship? Here’s a quick test: put her on some question about your future together. For example, where would you like to rent the apartment, where to go on vacation or anything like that. If she is not interested in this conversation, time to reflect.

2. Shit sex

It’s okay to want a healthy and spicy sex. You people with normal human needs. No one needs to be in a relationship if they are not sexually satisfied. It often happens that a poor sex life is the cause other major problems. It’s not even about what is normal sex for most couples. The thing is, if you enjoy his sexual life. If it does not satisfy you, then you don’t need to have someone there to say that you should meet, you know better.

3. Awful fights


All from time to time, swear it’s life, the quarrel, in a sense, even the engine of the progress of your relationship. It is quite another thing when they turn into a local war, where each tries to hit the other painful on the weakest point: the game is rigged, man. When your arguments are becoming really ugly (you go to the individual, parents insult each other, push each other’s toes), there is no help. You don’t respect or cherish each other.

4. Passive aggressiveness

If even one of you passive-aggressive, so all has gone too far and is unlikely to be correct. Constant irritation by the actions and words of another — a bad sign. You can love her but you don’t like to deal with it and not build anything. To succeed, you must not only love each other, but to be able to easily find a common language. When it becomes commonplace to resent each other, not feeding, or to pretend that all is well, when in fact nothing good, it’s time to move out of the way.

5. You are bored

When you start to date a woman, you always have ivory lot of plans. When it starts to smell roasted, you’re looking for different excuses to not spend time with her. Or you have something else to do together, nothing seems quite fascinating and cool. If you don’t enjoy the time spent together, then your relationship is already on the brink.

Make the decision that you want to end the relationship is difficult. Probably you read this list, found in it something familiar and decided that just going to work on this. So, relationships are worth your effort, you must not give up. However, remember one thing: there are lots of dudes that are pulling pathetic unnecessary relationships that I regret that I can not get rid of them. It is very important not to become one of them.