5 signs of a fine watch

quality watchMy father never had a very close relationship. He spent a lot of time on the job to support a family, and a bunch of other reasons that are now irrelevant. We communicated with each other, alienated and unnatural. He always wanted me to follow in his footsteps and became a doctor, and when I entered the philological, the gap between us became even deeper.

One day in September, when I went to University, was how incredibly warm. The father said he has something for me in the glove box when he drove me to class. He said something about the distance between us and that I’m growing up and that’s about to become a responsible adult man.

He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a cold, hard piece of metal. It was a grandfather clock.

Wrist watch

If we are to be academically accurate, the watch is an engineering marvel. They have a lot of tiny details, carefully picked craftsmen, a tradition of craftsmanship which has been preserved since the time of Peter’s watchmakers. First, they basically did a pocket watch, accessories men. However, during the First world war, soldiers realized that small and convenient wrist watch is much more practical in the damp trenches. When the war ended, young well-dressed men wanted to be like the heroes of the war, wristwatches became for them a must-have accessory.

Today, however, watches often neglected: time to look at mobile phone and accessory, considered by many to be rooted in the past century. But a good watch is much more than a means for recognizing time — it’s an accessory for all occasions, it’s a status symbol, it is an investment, and if you give them to the son, and the legacy. For those of you who take watches more seriously, we are telling signs of good hours.

1. Weight

Heavy — so good. Heavy means reliable. If they don’t work, they can still fight. Guy Ritchie could write the same thing about guns, but in the case of the clock weight is also a sign of quality. The truth is that high-quality watches have and the weight to be of high quality. All components and parts from which they are made, together weigh a lot and occupy plenty of space. When you wear these, you feel: it’s a watch, not a toy. When you pass it on to his grandson, he shouldn’t be asking you: «where are the others?»

2. The course

You’ve probably heard the saying that quality is going to watch silently, no «tick-tock». In every sense these people are right. Small seconds hand should slide easily, like clockwork, you can’t feel its movement. Of course, all watches are ticking. However, these high-quality watches are characterized in that their internal mechanism is so finely tuned and well built that all of these «ticks» and «so» are as much as nine times per second, creating the feeling of pure speed. So do you tell the difference watch worth five hundred rubles from the clock for good money.

3. Brand and tradition

Yeah, that sounds snobbish, but a watch with a name will serve you far more than some nameless watch. Traditions, legends, and reputation go hand in hand with extraordinary quality watch. For example, during the Second world war, captured British officers confiscated the watch. When the founder of Rolex Hans Wildorf found out about this, he offered prisoners the allies their hours: they can take them now and pay after the victory in the war. This program has been received over 3000 hours and this has made Rolex a great reputation. The watch must be legend that will outlive their owner. Judge for yourself: well, who after your funeral will be fighting for the right to receive in memory of your Casio?

4. Swiss brand

Forgery, globalization and marketing has contributed to our culture of consumption, however, the Swiss government went to great lengths to make sure: only meet the highest standards of the watch can be seen as Swiss. Only assembled and tested in Switzerland, the watch is allowed to place a label «Made in Switzerland». If the watch is made using Swiss movements and assembled elsewhere, they are written in: «Swiss movement». Even if the company is outside Switzerland, it can produce watches according to Swiss traditions. Of course, the surest sign of quality and reliability is three simple words: «Made in Switzerland».

5. Precision

Very obvious that the clock should correctly display the time. Quartz watches keep precision thanks to quartz crystals, but accurate mechanical watches are, as before, is the standard of luxury. These clocks work on the exact movement of a number of complex mechanisms and springs. They go through the motion of the pendulum with automatic movement or wound by hand, then they are bound to lose a few seconds a day. The most accurate watches in the world undergo rigorous testing and are called chronometers. Swiss watches are tested the Official Swiss Institute of testing and chronometrage show time accurate to ten seconds. Such certifications can mean the difference between severe lasting for hours and hours that your grandchildren will have to repair every week.


The sad reality is that many of these ghosts can be faked. There are many different measures to prevent counterfeiting, but the people who forge whatever it is, as a rule, do not care about it. Malaysian manufacturers engrave «Made in Switzerland» on the obviously fake Rolex and did not care about all Swiss precautions.

Watch buy only from reputable dealers and ask a qualified watchmaker to inspect anything that causes you doubt. There are men who don’t mind wearing a fake, if it will save them a few thousand. But believe me: I compared both, I assure you, the difference is really big, literally like night and day. Handling is much more graceful and slim, they easily glide on the skin, and in General, the feeling is completely different: these watches fit like a glove.

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