5 sexy gifts

You know what the best gift is sex, which is not available to you. For example, your girlfriend doesn’t like oral sex, so you dream of them every holiday. Perhaps you believe that with women things are different, and they generally despise sex and not love, but it’s not. Sex they love very much, that’s just the desire to have more. But since I decided to give something for love and sex, you have come to understand — to give the girlfriend some sexy gift. And that it was a joy not only to her but to you (an ambiguous word, but we’re talking about the traditional understanding of sex toys).

1. Pulsator Stronic Fusion


We start immediately with heavy artillery with one of the most popular sex toys in the modern world. We’re talking about an EMP that can massage the G-spot is your friend, at the same time penetrating the womb. This pulsator also massages your labia and clitoris. The essence of the pulser in that it does not just vibrate, but also performs translational movement back and forth. Previously these pieces were very expensive and represented a huge sex machine that looked like the invention of the crazy professors from horror movies. Today, the pulsator according to the size and shape little different from a regular vibrator. He creates the most realistic feeling sex — friend would be happy, especially when you’re late from work.

Give it to need because he’s got a great quality company FunFactory produces their toys in Bremen (Germany), not in China, as do most competitors. It seriously affects the quality — the Germans are not fools, make all qualitatively. If your girlfriend cannot cum from vaginal sex, then she will ejaculate from clitoral. It’s just a law of nature — most girls feel real pleasure that way. However, even if the friend just wants new experiences, pulsator s tronic Fusion will be the topic.

2. Satisfier


Sounds like the name of the new character from Star wars, but with space epic this toy is associated with only one — women’s it delivers the same orgasm for geeks viewing old parts star Saga. Generally, the tool is crammed with innovative solutions. Satisfies is designed for quenching, one only needs to implement a clitoral orgasm in reality. This is no ordinary vibrator, the stimulation is due to the vacuum with a rapid frequency of positive and negative pressure. This creates a sucking effect. Cruelty to the clitoris, because the stimulation is not by direct contact, and due to the silicone tips.

Another positive feature of satisfier there are total permeability. Honestly, we do recommend your friend to take this device to the bathroom to experience the full range of exciting feelings. In terms of water it is completely safe. The water itself will help to strengthen the effect, than give a friend an unforgettable experience and more powerful orgasms. By the way, suitable for business women, because most just need a few minutes to reach orgasm — can be used at lunchtime if suddenly impatient. And speaking of practicality, the clitoral stimulator has a built-in battery — friend will be thrilled if you give her this.

3. Suit Of The Snow Maiden


But go ahead and take care of myself, because we also want to in the New year. Fortunately, the sex industry allows us to kill two birds with one stone — give the girl one thing, but to do it essentially for myself. Mean erotic outfits. Unfortunately, most of them are made from «materials on time», but that doesn’t bother you — in those clothes walking on the streets is that those who shoot outdoor-pornography. Then we can ponadobitsa about what is convenient and what is not. In our case, you need to buy the erotic outfit that will bring to your sex the lion’s share of holiday spirit.

Get your friend a snow Maiden, will you, and it is nice. Variations suits of the snow Maiden a lot. Here you need to navigate to your own taste. And, of course, to their own discretion — not every girl will want to wear something very perverse, although it can always persuade, because it is a gift! In General, costume show, a perversion has never been — on the contrary, it will give a little spice in sex life. But only sex is not a one-way street. If a friend dressed up as a snow Maiden, you get dressed Santa Claus. That’s just for the children’s matinees you better clothes, not to Shine.

4. Erotic game

But you can proceed with caution, with knowledge of tactics. You buy a bottle of good wine that loves your girlfriend, and take the most sexual Board game that you can dig up on this earth. We even hard to talk about a specific game — they are now very much, all can not remember, but a lot of so-called true are not sold in Department table games in some family hypermarket, and in the space called » the sex shop. Their whole essence is to the traditional game of «truth or dare», but the issues and actions are moderated by people, and with the help of the rules or the cards.

In the first minutes of the game choose the truth, but and then begin to take action. If you’re with a close friend, it will all end in hot sex, where will be a place for experiments, and for the fact that he loves each of you. So think well and take right decision.

5. Erotic massage

But back to girls and how to give them sexual satisfaction by way of gift. We came up with a good idea that does not require from you any costs (except the fork oil) and that will help your girlfriend relax and start on you. We are talking about you massage, but not that «crispy and healing», which is to try anyone developed scoliosis, and the fact that relaxes and excites.

The girlfriend will be happy, if you learn to work with your hands. But knowledge in itself doesn’t come, look on YouTube how to do erotic massage, you may have to practice a little before you’re worthy to do this massage to your woman. So you will need to spend a lot of time and quite a bit of money. And then the case for small — give her a massage that she will never forget. Fortunately, the video tutorials on this subject fully.

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