5 sex positions that women like

sexual positions When it comes to sex, the main thing is the position. You know: the more items you have in your Arsenal, the better for you. No wonder we have published one hundred positions of the Kama Sutra, not in vain told how to improve your sex. We care about you, dude.

What is important in sex? He took pleasure in both partners. Or three, or four — there’s a matter of taste; the sense that all was well. No one wants to hurt or RUB my knees, even in the name of orgasm. Here’s a few sex positions that will please your friend. The pace will be slow, and the penetration is deep.

1. Wild horse

In this position girl on top, so you’ll love it, I guarantee it.

How? At least on the table, even the sofa for any furniture you can bring this idea to life. Lie down and let the legs hang down, and the top may arranged your friend. Now you sit down, and she has to put feet on the floor and squat as she likes. Put your hands on her hips while she moves up and down, left and right, and sometimes even to write eight!

2. Mast

Here on top of you, but you still like it.

How? You stay on your knees, feet girls put them on his shoulders, while she lies on her back. This position provides various levels of penetration. And a bonus: the backside friend can put a pillow and orgasm had weakened her knees, my friend. But nothing, it still is.

3. Split bamboo

This attitude on the side for those who don’t like to rush.

How? She is lying on its side, you slide in from behind and penetrate her. Now, lift her leg and put it on your own. Before you open wide to stroke and kiss her Breasts, the buzz you.

4. Puppeteer

This sitting position for deep, full penetration.

How? She sits on the edge of the stool, the butt hangs down, and you come back and do their thing. Here from the girl almost nothing depends on, so that on your conscience, do things right. Can put your hands on her shoulders and control the process, a little to push her ass is not for me to teach you, friend. To move easy.

5. Clasp

Here it is necessary to enter in the back. Also a good option.

How? She lies on her stomach, bending your knees and lifting feet in the air, you get on top of it (important! it is not necessary to save her entire weight!). Entered — get on hands and lift up your torso, kissing her back and neck.

But this is only the beginning. Specifically, that you became the guru of sex, we have prepared some articles with pictures:

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