5 secrets that will help you find a job

Modern labor market is cruel to the mediocrity. In addition, all these cuts, which throw out thousands of lives. The struggle for the warm place under the sun has become much more lively than before.

How to find a job? It looks like the issue is most frightening in our time. Unemployment is growing, and to work hard for pennies is unlikely that anyone will want. Closer to graduation you have some Foundation, but it is completely illusory. A diploma does not guarantee anything neither you nor your future. And to realize this need as early as possible. Otherwise, you would be the guy behind nothing, in addition to numerous debts.

You can think about the sudden rise of career, paint your life plans, waiting for the day when the sun will explode. But all this does not matter, as long as you just get back on your feet and start being responsible for your financial well-being. Work is like an iceberg. We see only the tip, not paying attention to what is hidden under water. And all the people struggling for the top, so it is difficult to find something suitable.

But don’t worry! We got some advice from unemployment, which we hope will help you in your quest.

1. Avoid large companies

True for those who are just starting your work path. Strange advice? Probably. But we can explain!

The fact that all the newcomers aspire in a large company where they offer good career growth along with the horrible schedule. Large corporations have a lot of things to offer, but their selection usually is impersonal, violent. If you do not meet the exact requirements, then you will not get, because the applicants fully, your life does not interest anyone.

And if you take a family or local business, everything becomes much easier. The main advantages are maintained, and the interviews become more intimate. More flexibility, more personal contact. The requirements, simply put, are not so important. More I look at it, what kind of man you are.

2. Don’t be afraid of the government

Few people think about the work in their own state. But in vain! Our generation, as a rule, stays out of government. We are trying to find a job that would have continued our thesis of the accident. But not always, such work will be adequately paid by private companies.

To get a job in a state institution is always easier. The competition is weak, especially now. And you don’t always need a College degree for these cases. And, of course, the career growth in similar areas there is always. However, it all depends on your personal qualities and abilities to join in, but that’s another conversation.

3. Look beyond the horizon

The last thing he wants to hear a newly minted graduate, is that he will have to work not on the diploma. And the truth of life is that most dudes are not working on the diploma. And why? Because education they chose not to his liking, but out of necessity. If you don’t want to be unemployed, you have to show enthusiasm in areas that are far from the sphere of your interest. Or find the work that will be as close to the area of interest.

Of course, it’s sad, because you went the last 5 years at, say, the financier, and have to earn a taxi driver. But this is a crisis, man. And not every day people get their lucky ticket. In the worst case you’ll get a new experience, and at best – will find their calling. When the operation is small, worth experimenting, otherwise nothing.

4. Go outside the box

All your life you studied at the equine dentist, but here’s the thing, all the jobs in this area in your town are already occupied. What to do, where to find comfort, how to live? It’s time to wear a fun hat of an employee of the fast food chain or to leave the city to find happiness? We offer you a very different approach. If you’re a horse dentist, you probably know horses. But if you know horses, you probably will be useful at the track or stables. Maybe horseback riding? Try to find something similar to approach your work from the other side.

Or, for example, did you learn to be a journalist. But all the publications you send – they are so staffed. What to do? My advice is to get on a press-the service or Agency. Yes, it’s not really journalism, but the skill is there and can be pumped. Competition can be brutal, but it can push you to rethink your professionalism, which is good. The main thing – to develop.

5. There is nothing better than personal connections

One truth never becomes obsolete. Personal connection is the best opportunity to apply for any job. And it should be used, because as hard as this is on the labor market, through experience you can always get. Most importantly, of course, to properly perform his job, once took. Otherwise a good-natured friends will turn into outright enemies.

But there is a subtlety. If you ask your friends about possible counterfeits, do it unobtrusively, because it is not an interview, but a simple conversation can give you a lot of pleasant possibilities.

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