5 rules of frugality for men

In normal men there are no issues when they are told that they need to keep their finances in check. They say, «Well Yes, we do know that.» Others will start to say something unintelligible about what a real man needs to earn a lot, not to think about money and dumping thousands of bills on low fun, otherwise why need money? Actually, if you think you’re supposed to do, I do not envy you. If you have a lot of money, you’d be like a monkey, who was given something shiny in the hand — he’s wild creation. That’s why we admire the moderation, which is perfectly combined with the code of a gentleman.

So, if you want to look confident, purposeful, if you want to be the master of your life, then you ought to learn a thing or two about frugality.

1. Careful attitude to things

You change numbers every year, but clothing kill in one season. Meanwhile, the big production machine is increasing its capacity, sucking the planet of its resources, so you could once again buy Chinese crap, just because it is «cheaper». In fact, so save only fools. Between a good thing and a bad thing, there is one big difference is quality. A quality shirt can last for several years. Poor few months.

It is clear that it is not only the quality but also how you feel about things. For example, we see in every thing the big process, which starts with cotton plantations and ends with the sale in stores (if we talk about shirts). And you see things in reality that you can use, use and use. I think that the thing has no history, and it is not worth a simple human labor. Really worth it, and a lot of people have tried, so you can buy your coat for thirty thousand rubles. Therefore, it is necessary cares. Not as «another fleeting things in her wardrobe, but as a result of the work of hundreds of people.

So instead of buying a new coat, which «will lose marketability» after heavy socks, we recommend that you take it to a good dry cleaner that will make your old coat — new-restore the color, will update the invoice will clean all stains. If dry cleaning is as good as «First cleaning», which is located in Moscow, your clothes will be fine — can wear and enjoy.

2. What was broken can be repaired

Things constantly break. Sometimes it seems that the damage can haunt you a lifetime. Then the washing machine broke, the phone mocks your nerves, the shoes and decides to live his life, shattering on the go.

The first thing that comes into your head when breakage occurs quickly to buy something new, to find a replacement and throw the old thing. But it was not always extensive market pampered us a lot of opportunities. Even some 50 years ago, if you had the boots, the boots you had 10 years. If something has fallen off, worn, around, the shoes were carried to the master, and he restored them. Some are able to repair their shoes. It was a good position, because every thing has become the embodiment of human personality. The people had thirty-three hats — they had two, and they wore their entire life. Does it mean prosperity? No, it says that people cherished not only to the material world, they understood the value of things.

So when you next time take shoes, do not rush to throw them away at the first failure, take it to the master — he will do everything in his power to make your shoes have lived a long and happy life. This is especially true when expensive shoes — this, too, breaks down, trust us. If you didn’t care for Italian shoes, they very soon turn into the Italian rags. If you buy shoes for exactly one season, then it is wrong.

3. Lead the accounting

Frugality is ingrained in the list of bourgeois virtues in the seventeenth century. For example, John Locke said that «the gentleman should examine the accounts.» Given the fact that today the Anglo-Saxon civilization through their bourgeois ideas dominating all over the world (well, actually the same), we believe that the English philosopher you can at least listen.

What is accounting in the conventional sense? It maintain all important documentation, accounting of expenses and income and, to some extent, adoption of the directions of development of the financial plan. You can not postpone it for later when you’ll lose all your passport, bills and wills. Each document, however small it was, should be stored in your archive if it has not lost its power. For example, a simple warranty the receipt will help you to repair the computer in the service center, to repair without spending a penny. If you lose this guarantee receipt, you will have to pay. But there are more serious documents.

On finances and say nothing. If you keep records of income and expenses, then you have much more chances to collect the required amount on a big project-for example, the opening of Studio photography. Frugality helps career.

4. Take care of your health

No, we’re not telling you what to be treated — poorly. Any treatment is dictated by the need, but it requires, most often, only when you yourself make your body feel terrible. In those days, you will have to pay many expensive bills, but do not save on health, and therefore you will listen to all the doctors, just to get rid of the pain and horror that’s going on with your body.

However, all this can be prevented if you regularly engaged in their health. Ate properly, went to the gym, I would not be sitting at the computer all day. Feel your parents, but they, my friend, were right about a lot of things — a sedentary lifestyle to anything good will not. Treatment is expensive, and frugal it is best to be first and foremost in relation to itself. I hope you don’t need to explain why.

5. The environment demands respect

One can argue on the topic of melting glaciers. Some scientists say that warming is not happening, others say the opposite. If the latter is right, then we’re in for a sad fate. If the right first, you can throw a party. But we think you will not deny the fact that human impact on the environment acquired a monstrous character. We did planet of the dump, from the ocean — the gutter. And continue to do so right now. Excessive and thoughtless consumption increases landfill near the garbage cans near your house, your city and the world at large. The more we have of shit, the more smoke from the factories. Do you really want to leave behind such a legacy?

It’s time to stop being the barbarian who only knows how to rape their planet. Respect to her, even in recognition of the major leaders of the task, which is among the ten most important. Mankind is facing a great problem and can be solved only if you will change at least their attitude to consumption. It’s a good place to start.

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